Married At First Sight

Which Married At First Sight Couples Are Most Likely To Consummate Their Marriages?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by 'Honeymoons, Part 1'! 2016.08.17S04.E04

Might Married At First Sight's Sonia And Nick Require More Common Ground Than A Shared Dislike Of Mustard?

And more questions sparked as the couples head off on their honeymoons in 'Just Married'! 2016.08.10S04.E03

EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

Is an all-'Is This Worse Than Jazz?' episode of Extra Hot Great worse than jazz? Prepare to find out! 2016.08.02

After Six Months, Is Anyone Still Married At First Sight?

It's six months later and Dr. Pepper is checking in with all of the couples (and/or ex-couples)! Who did the worst in the final reckoning? 2016.03.09S03.E14

The Married At First Sight Couples Make Their Final Decisions...For The Second Week In A Row!

The final two couples decide whether to stay or go. Whose Decision Day is the most traumatic? 2016.03.01S03.E14

On The Eve Of Married At First Sight Decision Day, Everyone's Miserable!

The clock is running up on America's least favorite social experiment and the couples are reflecting on how far they've come. 2016.02.24S03.E13

The Married At First Sight Couples Have One Last Chance For Romance!

It's the penultimate week of this, the greatest social experiment the world has ever seen, and the couples are all over the place. Who's doing the best and worst this week? 2016.02.17S03.E12

Hell Hath No Fury Like Ashley's Disingenuous Scorn

The couples are STILL working on intimacy, and it's not going particularly well. Whose marriage sucked the worst this week? 2016.02.10S03.E11

'I Think I'd Like To Sit On It And Swing A Little,' Says Man In Sexless Marriage On Married At First Sight

It's the Fourth of July and the couples are hosting (forced) barbecues. Whose cookout failed hardest this week? 2016.02.03S03.E10

Thanks A Latke, Marriage Experts!

The Married At First Sight couples 'make memories' together by eating, drinking, and bickering ( much bickering). Who fared the best and worst this week? 2016.01.27S03.E09

Eating Domino's In Bed, And Yet More Things Married At First Sight's David Will Never Get To Do With His Wife

The couples continue to work on 'intimacy' (gross), with a little help from Dr. Cilona. Who came out on top this week? 2016.01.20S03.E08

The Kansas City Twister, And Other Sex Acts That Married At First Sight's David Will Never Experience With His Wife

The couples work on 'intimacy' this week, with results varying from gross to sad. 2016.01.13S03.E07

Married At First Sight Opens A Bag Of 'Cool Neil' Doritos

The Married At First Sight couples continue to flounder, this week celebrating a joyless Father's Day together. Who did the worst? 2016.01.06S03.E06


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