Marriage Boot Camp

WeTV Announces Who'll Be On The Next Season Of Marriage Boot Camp

If you love reality TV shows that include bachelors, wives, and divas, you'll be pleasantly surprised. 2016.08.15

A Highly Subjective Ranking Of TV Personages Born On The Fourth Of July

TV-western haunted history, early soap stars, and the utterly American tackitude of The Situation. 2016.07.01

'That Puppet's Breasts Were Alarming. Whatever Puppet Surgeon She Saw Should Have His License Removed.'

Jim and Elizabeth challenge the boot campers to talk about sex, in their usual VERY mature fashion. 2015.02.13S04.E06

'Is There A Couple In The Universe That Holds Hands More Smugly Than Jim And Elizabeth?'

That's just one rhetorical question raised as your editors and Stephanie Green discuss a 'shocking' [eye-roll] Marriage Boot Camp. 2015.02.06S04.E05

'Reid's Whom I'd Least Like To Be Paired Up With, And Yes, I'm Including Spencer'

The Carrolls shuffle the couples for fake dates to teach them...something? 2015.01.30S04.E04

'I'm A Little Mad At This Show For Making Me Empathize With Heidi'

Tyson blows up Rachel's spot, Heidi gets drunk and mean, and your editors try to keep up. 2015.01.23S04.E03

'Oh, Natalie. I'm So Tired Of Her Already. She Brings None Of The Pathos/Rage That Tanisha Brought To The Table.'

It's time already for the Carrolls to pull 'fake divorce court' and 'fake spouse death' out of their careworn bag of tricks. 2015.01.16S04.E02

'They Probably Have To End It After This Season, Right? Because After Speidi Is On It, It's Burnt.'

Marriage Boot Camp rounds up some more no-hopers to 'work on' their relationships, not that anyone will notice anyone other than Speidi. 2015.01.09S04.E01

Who Put The 'Boot' In The Marriage Boot Camp Finale?

An amateur drinker goes on Hall Pass and gets real drunk, and then everyone goes to the ring ceremony, with predictable results. 2014.07.25S03.E08

Tanisha's Heart Just Must Be Too Full Of Feelings!

Or, she's full of crap. Sarah, Tara, and Stephanie Green discuss the latest heart-wrenching Marriage Boot Camp. 2014.07.18S03.E07

The Great Sex Puppet Caper

It's time for the couples to tell each other what they want in bed with the assistance of poor felt hand puppets that did not ask for this and would rather be in a kindergarten somewhere. 2014.07.11S03.E06

Gretchen Gets A New Guy To Hold Her Purse

Congratulations to Kevin on being the newest Mr. Horrible Monster! Stephanie, Sarah, and Tara discuss this week's pointless wife swapping. 2014.06.27S03.E05

Gretchen And Slade Continue Hating Each Other, Not Getting Gretchen Pregnant

Therapy doesn't seem to be working, but maybe an exercise revolving around a fake chemical spill will help! 2014.06.20S03.E04

Maybe There Are Better Ways Slade Could Be Spending His Time?

Like...perhaps keeping his son company while said son fights RARE BRAIN CANCER? These and more thoughts on the latest Marriage Boot Camp from Sarah, Tara, and Stephanie Green. 2014.06.13S03.E03

Tanisha: Living Monster On Earth Or Only Reason To Watch Marriage Boot Camp?

Stephanie and Tara discuss this week's screamy, fiery episode. 2014.06.06S03.E02

Could Marriage Boot Camp Be More Than A Couples Therapy Knockoff?

Stephanie, Sarah, and Tara discuss whether it even needs to be, as long as Tanisha's around. 2014.06.01

The Kirsten Whisperer

Seth's look of beleaguered resignation is a model of Marriage Boot Camp consistency. 2013.07.29S01.E08


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