EHG Mini: Product Misplacement

David asked us to pair products with unsuitable character pitchmen. 2015.11.12

EHG Mini: Weird Questions Lightning Round II

Antlers, amputations, Probst's successor, and low-gravity game shows! 2015.05.25

Putting Your Best Maron Forward

Who should play Marc Maron on the second season of IFC's Maron? Not Marc Maron, that's for sure. 2013.08.23

How Marc Maron Got His Groove Back

The latest Maron fictionalizes the story of how the titular Marc met his girlfriend. Kind of. 2013.06.17S01.E07

Craig Anton Characters Have Seen Better Days

Which is worse: being on 2 Broke Girls or dying of cancer? 2013.05.13S01.E02

Dave Foley Is A Sad Sack For Our Time

At least he might be working enough to pay off his backlog of child support? Maybe? 2013.05.06S01.E01