EHG Mini: Anthologize This

What TV series make more sense as anthologies? 2016.09.02

Manhattan Swings A Trope On A Rope

'Fatherland,' the season's second installment is a convoluted episode whose machinations feel all too familiar. 2015.10.20S02.E02

Manhattan Returns For Season 2, And Something's...Off

But it's intentional. WGN's great Manhattan returns for Season 2. How well you understand it may depend on how much you remember from last year. 2015.10.13

EHG 90: The Good Wife: Still Good?

Adam Grosswirth returns to chat about the Season 7 premiere of CBS's legal/wig drama. 2015.10.05

TCA 2015/6: WGN Wants To Rule The World With John Legend, Biker Hippies, And Slaves

As the cast of Manhattan could tell you: it's the bomb. (Actually, they couldn't tell you that or they'd get in big trouble.) 2015.07.29

You'll Take Manhattan -- And You'll Like It!

WGN America's original drama is the best show on the air right now. Here's why. 2014.09.19

Manhattan's Diamond In The Rough

Though she's basically a walking flower metaphor machine, Frank's wife is the best thing about WGN's nuclear drama. 2014.08.22S01.E04

Battle Of The Bearded Mentors

Two loose cannons of the '80s have grown into elder statesmen in period cable drama of the '10s. When compared side by side, which comes out ahead? 2014.08.08S01.E01

The Army Doesn't Care About Your Kid's Myeloma, Sid

And they're really anal about keeping papers properly filed. 2014.08.04S01.E02

Should You Sign Up For Manhattan?

We've run the numbers, and you should check out the explosive results! 2014.07.28S01.E01


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