Mad Men: S06

In Defense Of Megan

Mrs. Draper Deux was problematic, but this commentator doesn't think it's her fault. (Neither is that grill. Poor kid.) 2013.06.24S06.E13

'Not Great Bob!'

The next season of Mad Men is probably a year away, if not longer, so Bob just wanted to check in on how you're feeling today. 2013.06.24S06.E13

Don Draper's Hershey's Ad

We found the original Hershey's ad hashed out during last night's 'Mad Men.' 2013.06.24S06.E13

The Pause That Refreshes?

As Don and the show both take a break, we look back on Season 6. 2013.06.24S06.E13

Examining Bob Benson's Résumé

In retrospect, it maybe should have raised some suspicions with at least one character on Mad Men? 2013.06.17S06.E12

Is Relocating To Canada Right For Mitchell Rosen?

He's been classified 1A, so...maybe. 2013.06.10S06.E11

If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother

Two shows have gone to the "society-matron Mumsie falls for her nurse-companion" well in 2013. Who pulled up more water? 2013.06.10S06.E11

The Symbolic Megan T-Shirts Rejected From Mad Men

Is Megan Sharon Tate? And if so, was she supposed to have possibly been John Lennon? 2013.05.31S06.E09

Prove Me Wrong, Matthew Weiner. Prove Me Wrong!

Our promo Carnac foretells what's next on Mad Men -- with one exception. 2013.05.28S06.E09

This One Time, At Bobby's Camp

Our commentator digs a return to second-season form, in more ways than one. 2013.05.28S06.E09

Bad Trip

Please, Mad Men: no more drug metaphors. 2013.05.20S06.E08

I Am Joan's Symbolically Diseased Ovary

It's my privilege to punish this whore. 2013.05.13S06.E07

Ashen-Faced Don And Other Key Promo Moments

PTV's expert returns to parse the opaque Mad Men promos. 2013.05.13S06.E07

It's Not Called A Wheel, It's Called A Volume Knob

Don Draper dreams of fresh tech from Koss R&D. 2013.05.12S06.E08

Joan Of Awkwardia

As the Mad Men characters respond to history, the redhead makes us cringe. 2013.04.29S06.E05

Sterling Cooper Schweiber Weir

Psst: What if other Freaks & Geeks alums showed up on Mad Men? 2013.04.22S06.E04

Hold The Line

Our favorite TV work spouses survived a change of agency for Peggy. Will Heinz tear them apart? 2013.04.15S06.E03


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