Who Runs Lucifer's World? Girls

A pivotal episode in the series shows how much the Prince of Darkness relies on the women in his life to guide him and comfort him -- and what the fallout is when he ignored one and let himself be manipulated by another. 2016.10.31S02.E06

O Brother, Where Art Thy Wings?, Lucifer Asks

This is the week we get introduced to a third heavenly sibling, Uriel, and Lucifer tries to get his big brother Amenadiel to fix his problems for him. Unfortunately, he just ends up creating more trouble for himself. 2016.10.25S02.E05

Raise Your Glass To New Friendships On Lucifer

Lucifer tries to distract everyone else in an effort to avoid his own troubles, which is how he engineers a girls' night out for Chloe, and a boys' night out for himself, his brother and Detective Douche. 2016.10.18S02.E04

When Even Lucifer Thinks Your Thirst For Vengeance Is A Bit Too Much, You've Crossed A Line

Lucifer discovers that people put some really awful things online, and while he approves of these trolls' fiery immolations, he's not so keen on anyone actually enjoying bringing the wrath. 2016.10.11S02.E03

Cheese Is The Cement Bonding Estranged Angels On Lucifer

The Prince of Darkness's mum learns that nothing says, 'I love you' like a few pounds of pasta gilded with fine dairy products, and she puts that know-how to use in derailing Lucifer from his deal with God. 2016.10.03S02.E02

Not Even Lucifer Is Immune To Mommy Issues

In the Season 2 premiere, we learn that Lucifer fears only one thing: his mother. Naturally, everyone around him thinks this is hilarious -- and they're right to. 2016.09.19S02.E01

Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries vs. Maze Makes a Friend

It's giving Human Resources a run for their money vs. the world's strongest shirley temple! 2016.07.16

Lucifer's Season Finale Is Fiendishly Satisfying

The cliffhanger is not so much a cliffhanger as an 'Oops, I almost took selfies while leaning too far over this safety rail' moment, but that just clears the board for Lucifer to clean up Amenadiel's earlier mess, as well as his own. 2016.04.25S01.E13

In Which Lucifer Has His Own Life Of Brian Moment Shortly Before Getting His Own Hashtag

Malcolm proves he's on the side of unfettered evil by unironically coining and using, in actual conversation, the hashtag #TeamLucifer. 2016.04.18S01.E12

No Good Deed Of Lucifer's Goes Unpunished

Ol' Scratch gets a temporary hankering to do good, but he doesn't let it cramp his style. Instead, he uses his philanthropic urges as an excuse to add more names to the 'naughty' list for punishment. 2016.04.12S01.E11

Father Issues Are So Unattractive, Lucifer

Someone is still smarting over his pop's plans, and he lets it cloud his judgment on everything from murder investigations to family dinners. 2016.03.29S01.E10

Lucifer And A Priest Bring New Meaning To The Word 'Compadre'

Sure, 'a priest walks into the Devil's bar' seems like a joke, but the man of the cloth provides an opportunity for Lucifer to reframe how he's looking at this whole 'my dad forced me into the family business' complaint. 2016.03.22S01.E09

It Turns Out The One Sin Lucifer Can't Quite Parse Is Jealousy

In a move that might shock Biblical authors and modern theologians alike, Lucifer turns out to be remarkably incapable of comprehending jealousy, much less experiencing it. But know what he is good at? Solving crimes, especially crimes of passion. 2016.03.15S01.E08

Can Lucifer's Amenadiel Help Our Angel Get (Back) His Wings?

Lucifer's desperate to find his missing wings, so he enlists Amenadiel in the hunt for the divine souvenirs. But he soon realizes that Amenadiel's got his own angelic agenda. 2016.03.08S01.E07

When Someone Messes With His Stuff, Lucifer Has To Wing It

What starts off as a standard homicide-by-biker turns into a divine whodunit as Lucifer discovers someone's targeted some very personal items of his. 2016.02.29S01.E06

Lucifer May Need To Walk Back A Deal With A Shoe Designer

Hats off to the programmers who hoped to draft off Fashion Week for this flat offering about a shoe designer who sold his soul to the Devil -- and suffers when Lucifer develops a case of buyer's remorse. 2016.02.22S01.E05

Fragile Masculinity Revolts Even Lucifer

Lucifer discovers that the horrors of Hell are nothing compared to an afternoon spent in a seminar full of aspiring pick-up artists in this episode's case of the week. Chloe discovers…well, nothing, because she's not exactly a Batman-level detective. 2016.02.16S01.E04

'Equifax? What Was I Thinking When I Set That One Up?'

Lucifer is the victim of identity theft in this episode, because this show really wants you to know that he's having an identity crisis and they're not sure 'the devil left his job and is now playing piano in a bar' adequately captures the idea. 2016.02.09S01.E03

The Devil's Finest Trick Is To…Navel-Gaze Over His Own Personal Development

Sure, the Devil solves some more crimes this episode -- but he's a whole lot more interested in the mystery of why he's no longer the same fallen angel who's been behaving badly for millennia. 2016.02.02S01.E02

Is Lucifer Sinfully Good?

The fallen angel has to leave Hell to remind everyone to play nicely. Buh-what? 2016.01.25S01.E01

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