EHG 124: Where No EHG Has Gone Before: The Star Trek Fantasy Draft

Variety's Mo Ryan and draft captain David Snyder join us to explore distant worlds...and fight over who gets Spock. 2016.07.26

Looking For Closure

The canceled HBO series about gay men in San Francisco returns with a movie to tie up some loose ends and is it dusty in here? 2016.07.22

What If The Emmys Quit Being Cute With This Whole 'Leading' And 'Supporting' Business?

Among other things! In Mark Blankenship's fantasy, previous winners get the boot, genres expand, and the size of your role doesn't matter. 2015.07.08

Battle Of The World's Biggest Yaz Fans

Every show is putting 'Only You' on its soundtrack, but which one is using it best? 2015.06.30S03.E04

EHG 64: Dead And Loving It

Our resident Walking Dead experts Jeff Alexander and Omar Gallaga join us to talk finale! 2015.03.31

Here's To Grown-Ups Growing Up

Looking caps a wonderful season with a stellar finale. 2015.03.22S02.E10

A Brand-New Agustín

Kudos to Looking for letting this guy slowly and authentically evolve. 2015.03.15S02.E09

That Sloppy Breakfast Spells Doom!

Read the signs, y'all: Kevin and Patrick are headed for trouble. 2015.03.08S02.E08

Who Knew A Business Loan Could Be So Beautiful?

Doris and Dom's friendship makes Mark cry. 2015.03.01S02.E07

You Seriously Don't Recognize My Outfit?

Looking tells a horrible Halloween lie. 2015.02.22S02.E06

Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream (Trucks)

Richie and Patrick drive around in a fantastic metaphor. 2015.02.15S02.E05

As A Supporting Bear Enters, A Sugar Daddy Leaves?

An ode to Lynn's (probable) exit and (we hope) Eddie's rise. 2015.02.08S02.E04

Before We Talk Shop, Will You Soap My Back?

Dom's hot shower gets hit with cold water. 2015.01.25S02.E03

I Wink This Hard Because I Love You

Patrick's adorable dopiness returns Looking to top form. 2015.01.18S02.E02

A Sweaty Rave In A Gay Show? Now I've Seen Everything!

To start Season 2, Looking goes where everyone has gone before. 2015.01.11S02.E01

Looking's Second Season Would Benefit From A Few More Starship Captains

While Scott Bakula tries to earn himself a new gay audience, here are a few more sci-fi stars ready to quantum leap into HBO’s queerest show. 2014.03.12

Sign Me Up For A Second Date

Mark's pretty much down with Looking's first season. 2014.03.09S01.E08

Surprise Hottie At The Wedding

This week's Looking has a satisfying shape. 2014.03.02S01.E07

EHG 22: How Amazing Is The Amazing Race?

The premiere of the latest all-star season has us considering the matter. 2014.02.24

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