London Spy

London Spy Ends Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

The show is as great as ever. But the way Alex went out... 2016.02.18S01.E05

What Would London Spy's Danny Do Without Scottie?

'I've never said it out loud. I love you. Very much.' 2016.02.11S01.E04

In Episode 3, London Spy Goes Next Level

This week, Danny's quarry does something positively unspeakable to him. 2016.02.04S01.E03

London Spy Introduces Alex's Mummy Dearest

Danny visits Alex's ancestral home, and the encounter explains a lot. 2016.01.28S01.E02

Should You Take A Peek At London Spy?

Or should you run and hide from it? 2016.01.21S01.E01

EHG 95: Dressing Down With Project Runway: Junior

Stephanie Cangro joins us to talk about Lifetime's newest (and cutest) Project Runway spinoff. 2015.11.17

Welcome To The Shallow End Of The Pool

A brief history of craptastical viewing decisions Buntsy has made using a TV Fox-o-Meter she spilled Dr Pepper on in today's Lunch And A Show. 2015.11.13

Watch A Trailer For BBC Two's New Thriller, London Spy

Ben Whishaw stars in a gay spy thriller with-- you're in? Cool. 2015.10.27


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