Law & Order

EHG 12: The Comfort of Procedurals

We dust off The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of cop shows, jazz and crackpottery! Chung-chung! 2013.11.19

EHG Mini: Cast Replacements

The good and the bad of the ol' character switcheroo. 2013.11.08

Van Buren’s Finally In The House!

Collecting key moments from the fourth season of Law & Order. 2013.10.23

Rayanne's Mom And The Greek Are Running A Sweatshop

And other memorable moments from Law & Order's third season. 2013.10.18

Repressed Memories Solve The Etan Patz Case

And other cuddly memories from the second season of Law & Order: Mothership. 2013.10.03

EHG Mini: Syndicated Shows Wish List

From vintage MTV to Noth-era Law & Order to Chris in the Morning, the shows we wish would show up in regular syndication blocks. And Dave has a programming suggestion for Nick At Nite. 2013.09.30

Tough Love & Order

Two men, one face. 2013.09.19

Which Other Law & Order 'Repeat Offenders' Should Show Up Next Season On Orange Is The New Black?

Lorraine Toussaint is a great start, but which other performers should she bring with her? 2013.07.30

Live Free Or [Chung Chung]

Both Law & Order and SVU face down anti-government militias. 2013.07.02

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