Law & Order

Twin, Place, Or Show

Sarah D. Bunting's most memorable television twins. ('DOT COM!') 2015.06.25S17.E01

Battle Of The Chrises Noth

Chris Noth has played several dicks on TV. Which one is the biggest? 2015.03.26

Black Cop/White Cop, Big Business!

Ranking the fake movies from TV that need to become real motion pictures right damn now. 2015.02.19

EHG 58: Riddle Of The Jinx

True crime aficionada Eve Batey joins us to talk about HBO's new docuseries, The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst...and more! 2015.02.10

Should You Ride Along With Nightwatch?

Everything you need to know about Dick Wolf's non-fiction Third Watch. 2015.01.22S01.E01

Huck From Scandal Purse-Snatches Some Lady To Death

And other rewritten loglines from Law & Order: Mothership's tenth season. 2014.11.24

EHG 50: The A&E Afternoon-Programming Canon

The gang nominates their favorite NewsRadio, Northern Exposure, and Law & Order eps. 2014.11.10

Ann Dowd: Lovable Queen of Human Monsters

On The Divide, this Dealmaker proves her brilliance yet again. 2014.07.16S01.E01

EHG 37: The Most Bad-Ass Podcast You're Going To Hear All Week! [Explosion.]

Omar Gallaga returns for our Bad-Ass Week discussion of great TV bad-asses! 2014.07.08

Livia Soprano Is Santé Kimes, Except She's Doing It With Her Son

And other updated loglines from Law & Order's ninth season. 2014.05.23

Build Your Own Law & Order Marathon On WeTV

Vote for theme eps, then settle in for a nap. 2014.05.07

Are You On Your Computer? Don't Make Us Watch

It's perfectly sane to believe internet usage makes boring TV. 2014.04.23

Michael Moriarty Needs To Return To Series TV

Sarah is not a crackpot. Moriarty…maybe is, but that's okay, we still love him. 2014.04.08

Lt. Addison Montgomery Shoots Her Married Navy Boyfriend Instead Of Learning To Fly An F-14 Properly

And other extremely accurate loglines from Law & Order's eighth season. 2014.03.12

Objection! Down The Shore!

Sarah is not a crackpot for thinking it's time to roll the dice on Law & Order: Atlantic City. 2014.02.20

Call Her Miss Ross

Please welcome the best "lying witness, please" eye-roll on the Mothership roster as Sarah rewrites Law & Order's seventh-season loglines. 2014.02.10

Amanda Peet Got Patty Hearsted Into Robbing Two Delis And A Nightclub

And other glorious highlights from the sixth season of Law & Order: Mothership. 2014.01.07

Pussy Bonpensiero Jury-Tampers A Guy To Death

And other notorious highlights from Law & Order: Mothership's fifth season. 2013.12.12

Defending Lauren Ambrose's Dignity

An eighth-season episode of Law & Order is submitted for The Canon because it blends trenchant procedural drama with emotionally resonant personal intrigue. 2013.11.20S08.E22

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