Law & Order

Editing: That Scene Didn’t Need To Be There

Step into the cutting room with veteran editor Micky Blythe. 2016.07.13

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

Battle Of The '90s Wednesday-Night Primetime Cocksmen: Jack McKay vs. Jack McCoy

The Scotch-drinking, indifferent-haired 'heroes' of two TV classics face off at last. 2016.06.30

EHG Mini: Aquarius: The New Class

Giving Hodiak a break and assigning new gumshoes to the Charles Manson case. 2016.06.30

EHG Mini: Hamm It Up or HAMM!

Adapting TV series as Jon Hamm vehicles. 2016.06.17

EHG Mini: Clones! Hi!

Which actor besides 'Tatslany' (tm David T. Cole) would we cast as a buttload of clones of him-/herself? 2016.05.23

Joe E. Tata Played A Croupier On Mission Impossible

The original series, because Joe E. Tata is EIGHTY YEARS OLD somehow. 2016.05.16

EHG Mini: Get Professional Help

Getting through a car accident with the help of a TV dream team. 2016.04.22

Chung Chung vs. The Carlton Dance

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. the greatest sitcom dance of the 90s! 2016.03.08

Chung Chung vs. Art Vandelay

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. George Costanza's go to fake name! 2016.03.07

Chung Chung vs. Ross's Leather Pants

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. Ross's failed New Year's resolution! 2016.03.06

Chung Chung vs. The Gentlemen

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. Buffy's scariest foe! 2016.03.05

Dear Mr. President: House Of Cards Should Have Cast LisaGay Hamilton As Her Husband-Offing Character From Law & Order

She seems better suited for the vagaries of political life in the Willimonverse than Celia Jones. Sarah D. Bunting is NOT a crackpot. 2016.03.04S04.E02

Chung Chung vs. The Many Names of Andy Dwyers Band

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. the origin of Mouse Rat! 2016.03.04

Chung Chung vs. The Mr. Plow Jingle

It's Law & Order's iconic sound effect vs. a catchy snow-removal tune! 2016.03.03

Joffrey Getting Slapped vs. Chung Chung

It's Tyrion's hand warmer vs. Law & Order's iconic sound effect! 2016.03.02

Chris Noth Played A Cop On Hill Street Blues, Too

Before he was Detective Logan, he was Officer Lipsky. Same gleaming coif, though. 2016.02.02

EHG Mini: Celebrity Amazing Race

The best (and worst) possible teams. 2016.01.29

Lauren Ambrose Faces Denis O'Hare In The Battle Of The Ultimate Law & Order Rotating Players

They both played a variety of great characters on the original series, but who made the biggest impression? 2015.12.18

Battle Of The Love Lives Of Two Former Colleagues Of Mark Greene

Who's going down in this Harg-Marg-superstar Show Down between the romantic achievements of Olivia Benson and Alicia Florrick? Spoiler: Chris Noth, probably. 2015.12.18

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