Law & Order: SVU: S14

Lucky Lewis

SVU closes out its season with one of its grossest perps ever, which is saying something. 2013.05.23S14.E24

Assault Of An Edmontonian

In which we learn that Canadians aren't street-smart. 2013.05.16S14.E23

Quit Sniping At Each Other

Actually, the sniping really just goes one way. But the sniper should still cool it. 2013.05.09S14.E22

Club Dread

In which we learn that "sharking" isn't something they made up on 30 Rock -- or it is, but now it's an actual thing. 2013.05.02S14.E21

The Old College Try (To Cover Up A Frat Full Of Serial Rapists)

It works for a while. Then it doesn't work anymore. 2013.04.25S14.E20

Too Legit

(Too legit to quit terrorizing the woman you raped and got pregnant.) 2013.03.28S14.E18

The Benson Interruption

Liv's secret relationship is disrupted by an accusation of rape. NO, not against her. 2013.03.21S14.E17

Rude Boy

The real shock of SVU doing its take on Rihanna and Chris Brown is that it took them this long to do it. 2013.02.28S14.E16

There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters

"I've got to keep my eye on her," indeed. 2013.02.21S14.E15

Fists Of Fury/Shame

Mike Tyson plays a gentle giant who had a reeeeeeeally bad childhood. 2013.02.07S14.E13

Trapped In The Closet

Then beaten up. Then outed. 2013.01.31S14.E12

Long Island Sexpressway

PI Michael Provo makes time with a bunch of cons' wives. It's an okay scam while it lasts. 2013.01.10S14.E11

Hooker At The Point

Patricia Arquette plays a prostitute moonlighting as bait for a murderer. (Kids: stay in school.) 2012.12.06S14.E09

Exorbitant Tuition Can't Protect Your Sons From Handsy Teachers At Manor Hill (Read: Horace Mann)

You know someone on the writing staff wanted to call the fictional school "Morris Hann" and, when no one else agreed with him or her, pouted about it for a while. 2012.11.22S14.E08

Teenagers + Technology = Rape

If you're reading this on your phone, you risk getting abducted and sexually abused. Has SVU taught you nothing?! 2012.11.01S14.E05

SVU 300th Episode Features Half A Dozen Abducted Boys

One abducted boy might have been enough in Season 1, but not after 300 episodes! 2012.10.25S14.E05

SVU Drones On And On And On

It's just your average, run-of-the-mill ring of trafficked prostitutes. OR IS IT?! 2012.10.18S14.E04

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