Law & Order: SVU

Wieners And Losers

A mayoral candidate sexts half the internet as Barba Takes! It! Personally! on last night's SVU. 2013.10.24S15.E06

Dear John

Munch heads to the DA's office with an assist from Bawlmor colleagues while the team chases a serial-raping app millionaire. 2013.10.17S15.E05

Bad Guys Looove Caracas

Which TV shows will be sending their villains to Venezuela next? 2013.10.16

Rat Trap

Beat cops take advantage of over-served ladies. Undercover Cassidy and overinvested Benson tag-team Take! It! Personally! 2013.10.10S15.E04

Deen Splicing

This SVU episode about a racist celebrity chef who shoots a kid in 'self-defense' seems vaguely familiar...? 2013.10.03S15.E03

All In The Family

Benson's first case back is just a standard missing kid, until it's not. 2013.09.26S15.E02

Island Getaway

Remember in the last season finale, that psycho Lewis attacked Benson? Well, in the premiere, he continues attacking her, all over Long Island. 2013.09.26S15.E01

EHG Mini: Serial Killer Arts & Crafts Walls

We've seen them on The Bridge, Homeland, and even The Simpsons, but is it time to retire the TV trope of the master criminal's crafty collage wall? 2013.09.16

These Are The Days Of Our Law & Order: SVU

For Careers Week, we consider second acts, namely: Which SVU characters could you most easily transplant into a daytime drama? 2013.08.29

I Object!

Our legal correspondent lists the ways TV sets up new attorneys for crushing disappointment. 2013.08.28

Live Free Or [Chung Chung]

Both Law & Order and SVU face down anti-government militias. 2013.07.02

Lucky Lewis

SVU closes out its season with one of its grossest perps ever, which is saying something. 2013.05.23S14.E24

Assault Of An Edmontonian

In which we learn that Canadians aren't street-smart. 2013.05.16S14.E23

Quit Sniping At Each Other

Actually, the sniping really just goes one way. But the sniper should still cool it. 2013.05.09S14.E22

Club Dread

In which we learn that "sharking" isn't something they made up on 30 Rock -- or it is, but now it's an actual thing. 2013.05.02S14.E21

The Old College Try (To Cover Up A Frat Full Of Serial Rapists)

It works for a while. Then it doesn't work anymore. 2013.04.25S14.E20

What 'Legitimate Rape' Does Lead To: Procedural Plots

But which procedural handled it best, SVU or The Good Wife? 2013.04.15S04.E20

Too Legit

(Too legit to quit terrorizing the woman you raped and got pregnant.) 2013.03.28S14.E18

The Benson Interruption

Liv's secret relationship is disrupted by an accusation of rape. NO, not against her. 2013.03.21S14.E17

Rude Boy

The real shock of SVU doing its take on Rihanna and Chris Brown is that it took them this long to do it. 2013.02.28S14.E16


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