Law & Order: SVU

'Lacey' Achieves Internet Fame, But Not The Good Kind, Like You Want

A child neglect case is just the horrible outer peel of a grotesque abuse...uh, onion? 2014.04.03S15.E18

EHG 25: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, And Trip

When Trip Payne returns to talk RuPaul's Drag Race and historic sitcoms, everyone's a winner. 2014.03.25

Goodbye To All That

Alec Baldwin peaces out on New York City with a guest shot on the New-Yorkiest show ever. Sarah respects his desire for privacy by not using a press photo with him in it. 2014.03.20S15.E18

Rollins Really Doesn't Know When To Fold 'Em

Or when to walk away. Or when to run. Or how not to ruin her life by working off her debt at an underground casino by doing a LOT of bad stuff. 2014.03.12S15.E17

Purple Haze

The team unmasks Hudson University's recruiting practices; Rollins flirts with disaster. 2014.03.06S15.E16


A sanctimoniously ineffectual episode about a comedian accused of rape does feature a consensual relationship between ham and fist. 2014.02.26S15.E15

Objection! Down The Shore!

Sarah is not a crackpot for thinking it's time to roll the dice on Law & Order: Atlantic City. 2014.02.20

You Could Guest-Star On SVU If...

As the sex cops line up Alec Baldwin for a role in the near future, we consider what qualifications SVU's famous guest stars tend to share. 2014.02.14

Parents; Hoods

A grim kidnapping and pornography case is barely audible over the literal ticking of Benson's biological clock. 2014.02.06S15.E14

Heavy Lies The Crown

Benson and the team pull a complex case of gang retaliation on her first day as a big shot. 2014.01.30

Why Is SVU's First Season In Rerun Jail?

Four hundred airings a day, and you hardly ever see an S1 joint. What's up with that? 2014.01.29

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. CHUNG! CHUNG! 2014.01.23

Broken Heroes On A Last-Chance Power Drive

Amaro is in denial, Rollins is in her disease, everyone hates Liv, and Jersey sucks. 2014.01.23S15.E12

Little Saint Nick

A not-so-good shooting jeopardizes Amaro's career and freedom; the squad loses another veteran. 2014.01.16S15.E11

The Trial Of The Century

It seemed to last a century, anyway. Benson's psycho nemesis, William Lewis, returns to chum the Emmy waters. 2014.01.08S15.E12

All The Dial's A Stage

Sound Of Music Live, Psych -- the musical's having a moment. Eight more candidates for the song-and-dance treatment. 2013.12.06

All The Serenity Prayers In The World Can't Save This Writing

Rollins, barely visible through a blizzard of AA jargon, gets way too close to a case…and her sponsor. 2013.11.21S15.E09

Stormy Waters

The Coast Guard closes ranks around three rapists, but that won't stop Benson from Taking! It! Personally! 2013.11.14S15.E08

EHG Mini: Character Trade Deadline

We're strategically moving characters from one show into another! 2013.11.11

Thou Shalt Not Worship False Idol

Little kids accuse a reality-show vocal coach of abuse. Who's Taking! It! Personally! in the SVU squadroom? 2013.11.07S15.E07


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