Law & Order: SVU

Favorable Dodds

The squad's new sergeant gets a crash course in SVU's special brand of Taking! It! Personally! 2015.10.22S17.E06

You're Still In The Running Towards Reading Lunch And A Show

RIP ANTM, Empire's hilarious horrors, Liv side-eye, and more! 2015.10.15

Hands Up, Don't Shoot (Barba The Stink-Eye)

SVU's take on Ferguson, Eric Garner, and other excessive-force cases pits Liv and Barba against each other; Li'l Rollins's dad shows up. 2015.10.14S17.E05

There's No Saving This Date

Yeah yeah, 'it's not a date.' Whatever it is, maybe-future-Lieutenant Benson and Deputy Chief Eyebrows have to put it on hold when a child-welfare case blows up. 2015.10.08S17.E04

Wow Moments We Have Loved

A look back at the funniest, craziest twists of TV past — all on Hulu — as we head into another season. 2015.10.01

Neither Kid Is All Right

When a trans teen is attacked in a park, the aftermath tears apart two families...and gives Liv an RSI from shaking her head. 2015.09.30S17.E03

Cops And Roberts

The SVU premiere's got Robert Durst, Dallas Roberts, and Rollins feeling not so great, Bob! 2015.09.23S17.E01

It's Getting (Fingerprint-) Dusty In Here

Lunch And A Show bids farewell to CSI. Vote for your favorite tertiary TV techs! 2015.09.18

The Mindy Project Returns, Dresses The Part

Plus bad bras, worse acting, and window shopping on Lunch And A Show. 2015.09.15

Who Should Play Jared Fogle On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?

No, they haven't announced they're doing a Jared-inspired episode. YET. 2015.08.19

The Crappy Romantic Instincts Of Laila Robins's TV Characters: A Partial List

We'll just pretend Gabriel's Fire never happened. 2015.08.18S02.E11

Lunch And A Show: It's Baltimore, Gentlemen

David Simon and deadpan poe-lease. 2015.08.05

Lunch And A Show: Chung Chung!

Briscoe snacks, STABLER SMASH, the fakest websites: these are their stories. 2015.07.31

Lunch And A Show: Pickles And Ice Cream

Bundles of joy and tropes to make you boot(ie). 2015.07.28

EHG 71: Drag Race To The Finish

Mark Blankenship returns to The Blankenship Chair for a discussion of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7! 2015.05.26

Pino Noir

A shoot-out at the SVU corral wraps a couple stories for Season 16 -- and craps on one from the past. 2015.05.21S16.E23

A Prayer For Owen Farhidi

A second-grader gets kidnapped -- but by whom? And why? And when did they have time to film a Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific ad? 2015.05.14S16.E22

If Memory Serves (Seventeen Years)

Cragen pitches in on a reopened case whose 'victim' wants to recant her accusations...again. 2015.05.06S16.E21

With Two You Get Eye-Roll

Not audience eye-roll, surprisingly! The trois-over event is not bad -- but Chicago PD and SVU team up for some serious side-eyes. 2015.04.29S16.E20


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