Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU Makes New Friends, But Keeps The Old

Munch is back to nail a notorious and elusive offender; so is the Terry Richardson ripped-from-the-headlines story. 2016.05.05S17.E20

Meow Meow Meow Meow vs. John Mulaney's Ice T Bit

It's proof of the power of repetition (and cats) vs. a loving tribute to SVU's most confused detective! 2016.05.02

Getting It Twisted On SVU

Something's rotten in Denmark during Carisi's UC assignment. Could be that handful of red herrings. 2016.03.31S17.E19

A 30-Minute Phil Leotardo Supercut From The Sopranos

Frank Vincent played a bishop on SVU this week; enjoy the resentful bitch-op of his Brooklyn capo. 2016.03.24

And Forgive Us Our Emmy-Reel Trespasses On Law & Order: SVU

Good acting bails out overwrought writing as the squad struggles to exonerate Liv and Tucker. 2016.03.24S17.E18

EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

SVU Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Internal Affairs'

And not in a good way. A sex-ring bust goes awry, then really awry as SVU's investigation implicating the church and 1PP sets Liv's entire life on fire. 2016.03.03S17.E17

In Which Everyone On SVU Learns A Very Valuable Lesson About Not Reading The Comments

A vlogger's accusations against a TV star get ugly for everyone involved. 2016.02.25S17.E16

SVU Takes (On) The Subway (Case)

A kiddie-porn sting uncovers more than the squad bargained for -- but the news isn't all bad. 2016.02.18S17.E15

SVU And Chicago PD Join Forces To Catch An Ewww-gitive

Greg Yates escapes from prison, turning the latest Taking! It! Personally! crossover event into an interstate slog. 2016.02.11S17.E14

If You See Something, Say Something

When a courtyard assault goes unreported by dozens of neighbors, the Law & Order: SVU squad has its work cut out. 2016.02.03S17.E13

Two Of Clubs

A prep-school's secret deflowerment society claims more than one victim (Sarah D. Bunting's dinner, for one) when the he-said/she-said heads to court. 2016.01.20S17.E12

EHG 101: Legends Of Tomorrow...Today!

John Ramos returns to talk about The CW's new superhero team-up joint. 2016.01.19

Tuckered Out

Yet another Liv-in-peril episode takes a foxy turn when our heroine gets to choose her own HOT-stage negotiator. 2016.01.13S17.E11

Richard Belzer Was In A Pat Benatar Video

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of Helen Hunt's Unselective Agent Theater for a pre-Munch musical interlude! 2016.01.12

Head Of The Class

One predatory teacher uses another to catfish a student. Come for the creepy moaning, stay for the Fin stinkfaces! 2016.01.06S17.E10

Battle Of The Love Lives Of Two Former Colleagues Of Mark Greene

Who's going down in this Harg-Marg-superstar Show Down between the romantic achievements of Olivia Benson and Alicia Florrick? Spoiler: Chris Noth, probably. 2015.12.18

Who Should Play Martin Shkreli On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit?

The story of one of 2015's most hated people has just about everything required for a great SVU -- except the right star to portray a fictionalized Pharmaceutical Bro. We have ideas! 2015.12.18

Law & Order's M.E. Rodgers: The 'M' Stands For 'Marvelous'

You've tried the rest: now let the best crack open your victim's chest! 2015.12.16

Olivia Benson's Booty Calls, In Order Of Author Preference

Sarah D. Bunting tried to class up that headline, buuuut she didn't try that hard. (Heh, 'hard.') 2015.12.16


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