Late Night With Seth Meyers

Watch Chelsea Clinton Talk About Living The Clinton Life On Late Night With Seth Meyers

It sounds like Hillary gave young Chelsea some pretty solid orthodontic advice back in the day. 2016.10.06

Watch Martha Stewart Teach Seth Meyers How To Make A Pizza On Late Night

Let's take a small break from politics and focus on pepperoni, Seth. 2016.10.04

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At Trump's Post-Debate Controversies On Late Night

Super important, as The Google supposedly said Trump was doing well. 2016.09.30

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At The First Presidential Debate On A Live Late Night

'I love how he leans into the mic like the weird cousin at the last podium on Family Feud.' 2016.09.27

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At Media Coverage Of The Chelsea Bombing

'To me, First American Fried Chicken sounds like a bank where you deposit your leftover wings.' 2016.09.21

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look (...A Really Angry One) At Donald Trump's Lies About The Birther Movement

'"Obama was born in the United States, period? F--- you, exclamation point!' It goes on. 2016.09.20

Seth Meyers Discusses Wells Fargo In A Brand New Late Night Segment Called 'Dammit!'

It seems kind of similar to Weekend Update's 'Really!?! With Seth and Amy', minus Poehler. 2016.09.16S03.E160

Watch Seth Meyers Take A Closer Look At The Trump Foundation On Late Night

Seth investigates why Trump isn't signing checks. Even checks for working children. 2016.09.15S03.E159

Watch Bill Hader Talk About How SNL's Infamous 'Californians' Sketch Came To Be On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Admit it. Even if you hated it back then, you probably miss it now. 2016.09.14S03.E158

Watch Seth Meyers Battle With One Of NBC's Fact Checkers On Late Night

His goal was to get people to vote, but now, people just think he's a lousy husband. 2016.09.13S03.E157

Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Trump's Recent Outreach To Voters Of Colour

Seems like there are areas that could stand improvement? 2016.09.07

Watch Seth Meyers Boost Subpar Jokes In Late Night's Latest 'Popsicle Schtick'

When they're featured on a popsicle stick, you find yourself being a little more forgiving. Or at least that's the theory. 2016.09.01S03.E152

Watch Sean 'Diddy' Combs Defend His VMAs Kimono On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Diddy psyched himself up with a chant of, 'Do the kimono, Sean. Do the kimono.' 2016.08.31S03.E151

Watch Seth Meyers Chat Up Trump's 'Doctor' On Late Night

Dr. Bornstein is here to assure us that Donald Trump's chlorophyll level is perfect. 2016.08.30S03.E150

Watch Seth Meyers Talk Down A Ryan Lochte Fan On Late Night

Seriously, Seth. Why not add this American hero who totally lied about nothing to your guest list? 2016.08.26S03.E149

Watch Seth Meyers Amend His 'Chicago President' Offer To Trump On Late Night

If Meyers decided to write the show, dealing with Chris Christie on set might actually be worth it. 2016.08.25S03.E128

Watch Bob Costas Talk About #LochteGate On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Even if you're tired of talking about Ryan Lochte, hey -- it's Bob Costas. Hear him out. 2016.08.24S03.E147

Late Night Advises Democrats Not To Comment On Donald Trump In 'Stay Out Of It!'

I'll say this for a segment called 'Stay Out Of It!': you get what's on the tin! 2016.08.04

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