Late Night With Seth Meyers

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And pour some out for the Dean Scream we were denied. 2016.07.28

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'"I don't know anyone who's going to vote for Trump!" Oh, you don't? Did you ask everybody in your yoga class?' 2016.07.27

The Definitive Collection Of The Best Late Night Responses To The Last Night Of The Republican National Convention

Yes, Elizabeth Warren's in there, to remind you to thank your deity she exists. 2016.07.22

Watch Seth Meyers Try To Tempt Donald Trump Out Of His Presidential Run On Late Night

To be clear, Donald Trump is not actually present for this offer. But you know he's going to know about it. 2016.06.17

Watch Soul Singers T.T. And Mario Serenade Seth's Baby On Late Night

Remember 'just the tip'? Well, get ready. 2016.06.15

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Ms. Clinton probably does share that view of wire hangers, though. 2016.05.19

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Do you want your own stapler, dudes, or do you want to be happy? 2016.04.29

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Turns out that's actually pretty complicated. 2016.04.26

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Like we all wish we could with all new parents. (Right?) 2016.04.13

EHG 108: Is House Of Cards A Good Play?

Kim Reed is back to talk fictional presidents, Survivor, and Seth Meyers! 2016.03.08

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Hillary Clinton's got an uphill battle to win over...well, crackpots. 2016.01.28

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'"Why do they keep doing this?" asks the Boston Globe.' 2016.01.22