Last Week Tonight

Watch Last Week Tonight's Web-Exclusive Endorsements

The gingham shirt/tie thing is the realest. 2016.07.18

Watch Last Week Tonight's Latest Web-Exclusive Review Of Its 'Fan Mail' (...YouTube Comments)

You can be the 'First!' to comment yourself in a comment ouroboros! 2016.07.11

Watch Last Week Tonight's Web-Exclusive Independence Day Message

If you do, you definitely won't be self-conscious all day about the way you talk. 2016.07.04

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Make A Musical Plea For Puerto Rican Debt Relief On Last Week Tonight

Are we about to learn the limits of what a bribe of Hamilton tickets can achieve? 2016.04.25S03.E10

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On Donald Trump

Surely this will be the segment that ends his candidacy once and for all! (Sigh.) 2016.02.29S03.E03

Watch Your Favourite TV Cops Recite Last Week Tonight's More Accurate Miranda Warning

Bad boys, bad boys, put a little cash aside for your public defender.... 2015.09.14S02.E27

EHG 83: Humans: Heard Of 'Em?

John Ramos joins us as we look back on the first season of our #1 show of the summer! 2015.08.18

Watch Last Week Tonight's Star-Studded Sex Ed Video

Laverne Cox on lube, Megan Mullally on what kind of 'curve' she's used to, and Kumail Nanjiani on special birthday sex events? Yes, yes, and yes -- unless your answer is no, of course! 2015.08.10

Watch Last Week Tonight Cover Fifteen Topics In One Minute

Because trenchant commentary never really observes Independence Day! Or something. 2015.07.06

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