Last Week Tonight

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On What Donald Trump Doesn't Know About Russia

It's only a twenty-minute segment, so it's not quite hit everything he doesn't know. 2017.02.20S04.E02

Watch John Oliver Pop Up All Over HBO's Schedule In A New Promo For Last Week Tonight

One thing is undeniable: Last Week Tonight is one of HBO's Sunday night shows. 2017.01.18

Watch Last Week Tonight's Report On Multilevel Marketing

Make some of that soup your neighbour pressured you into buying off him first. 2016.11.07S02.E29

Watch John Oliver Talk About How School Segregation Is Surprisingly Still Happening On Last Week Tonight

And it's happening in the last place you'd expect it to happen. 2016.10.31S03.E28

Watch John Oliver Discuss The Rising Use Of Opioids On Last Week Tonight

Healthcare professionals were wary about prescribing opioids back in the '90s, so uh -- how did we get to where we are now? 2016.10.24S03.E27

Watch John Oliver Talk About Our Third Party Candidates On Last Week Tonight

Oliver thinks they're worth taking seriously, so he attempts to... well... take them seriously. 2016.10.17S03.E26

Watch John Oliver Talk About Guantánamo Bay On Last Week Tonight

Tired of talking about the election? Here's another controversial thing that you can mull over. 2016.10.10S03.E25

Watch John Oliver Discuss Police Accountability On Last Week Tonight

Oliver compares shooting investigations to the film 'Dolphin Tale 2', which is actually pretty thought-provoking. 2016.10.03S03.E24

Watch John Oliver Compare The Presidential Candidates' Political Scandals On Last Week Tonight

Oliver walks through the candidates and their scandals, to help voters who are still undecided. 2016.09.26

Watch John Oliver Discuss Birds In This Last Week Tonight Web Exclusive

Oliver has a soft spot in his heart for penguins, but that's about it. 2016.09.12

Watch Last Week Tonight's Imagined Movie Trailer About Journalism In The Age Of Click-Mongering

Where can we see the report on that raccoon cat, though. 2016.08.08S03.E20

Watch Last Week Tonight's Recap Of The Democratic National Convention

If your name is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you might want to skip it. 2016.08.01S03.E19

Watch Last Week Tonight's Web-Exclusive Endorsements

The gingham shirt/tie thing is the realest. 2016.07.18

Watch Last Week Tonight's Latest Web-Exclusive Review Of Its 'Fan Mail' (...YouTube Comments)

You can be the 'First!' to comment yourself in a comment ouroboros! 2016.07.11

Watch Last Week Tonight's Web-Exclusive Independence Day Message

If you do, you definitely won't be self-conscious all day about the way you talk. 2016.07.04

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