Last Comic Standing

Last Comic Standing Says Goodbye; The League And You're The Worst Say Hello

Comedies are taking a bow in Lunch And A Show! 2015.09.10

Last Comic Standing Finally Falls Down

For the ninth time, a comic is declared the winner and immediately vanishes from the popular consciousness. 2015.09.10S09.E08

Last Comic Standing Goes To Thunderdome

Ten comics enter. Five comics leave. Then the other five comics leave, as losers. 2015.09.03S09.E07

Last Comic Standing Sits Down More Comics

The second round of semifinals looks just like the first round, but with different people. 2015.08.27S09.E06

Last Comic Standing Leaves Fewer Comics Standing

A random selection of people who advanced from the previous round is whittled down to a smaller selection. 2015.08.20S09.E05

Last Comic Standing Runs Out Of Invitees And Patience

We finally have our list of semifinalists -- and not a moment too soon for Norm Macdonald, who has definitely stopped enjoying himself. 2015.08.13S09.E04

Last Comic Standing Reaches Norm Macdonald's Breaking Point

The judges have started telling comics to quit the business. And these are the comics that get sent through to the next round! 2015.08.06S09.E03

Last Comic Standing Presents: Inoffensive Accents!

The latest round of auditions includes a number of comics who have figured out the secret to doing ethnic humor in the twenty-first century. The judges are blown away. 2015.07.30S09.E02

Last Comic Standing Overloads The Invitationals

Standup comics battle each other and Norm MacDonald's diction problems for the chance to have a few precious minutes of national exposure in front of some mushmouthed judges. 2015.07.23S09.E01

Last Of The Red Hot Comics Standing

A two-hour finale launches the season's winner into the exalted realm occupied by seven people already. 2014.08.18S08.E14

The Penultimate Cut Is The Deepest

Which one of these four comedians won't make it to this season's finale? 2014.08.08S08.E13

Last Comic Standing Turns Its Final Five To Its Final Four

The gimmicky challenges end as the race to the finale begins for real. 2014.08.01S08.E12

The Roast With The Least

Last Comic Standing proves once again that insulting strangers is the purest form of comedy. 2014.07.25S08.E11

Making Up The Rules As They Go

The competition holds its first 'sudden death' round; plus the comics get lessons in improv from...Howie Mandel? 2014.07.18S08.E10

As Not Seen On Ellen

How will our comedians fare in their talk-show debuts? 2014.07.11S08.E09

A Bit Out Of Character

Apparently, it takes more than a wig to turn a stand-up comedian into a sketch comedy actor. 2014.06.27S08.E06

Am I Right, Ladies? (Probably Not.)

Last Comic Standing's semifinalists are lacking in that XX factor. 2014.06.20S08.E05

Mind Your Mentors

Wanda Sykes and Amy Schumer advise the Last Comic Standing semifinalists, but were they paying attention? 2014.06.13S08.E04

The Semi-Final Countdown

Sean pours one out for the other 72 comedians in the Top 100. 2014.06.06S08.E03

Truth In Stand-Up Comedy Advertising

Our judges on Last Comic Standing fact-checked the comedians, but who'll fact-check the fact-checkers? 2014.05.30S08.E02

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