L.A. Shrinks

EHG Mini: Important TV Dogs

Pomeranians have a particularly poor showing (geddit?) as the gang nominates their best and worst television hounds. With special guest and canine liaison Gordon Lightfoot Cole. 2013.09.09

California Dream Interpretation

The first and maybe only season of L.A. Shrinks has ended. How does that make you feel? 2013.04.23S01.E08

'Wha-- what?'

The only possible answer to this statement from a patient: "This is going to sound really strange, but I have quite a large number of female friends that want to be my sex slave." 2013.04.09S01.E06

'Here's Your Coochy Cream'

"Dr. V, am I really paying you for this?" was cut for time, I guess. 2013.03.26S01.E04

'You're Somewhere Between A Priest And A Prostitute'

Haha, oh Greg, there aren't any priests in Los Angeles! 2013.03.05S01.E01


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