Kroll Show

Richard Simmons' Whose Line Enthusiasm vs. Comments Disabled

It's the most eager and willing non-improvisor participant on Whose Line Is It Anyway vs. the Hoffman Twins' mark of shame! 2016.08.25

EHG Mini: Foley Work

The best sound designs on TV. 2016.08.17

Murphy Brown's Parade Of Secretaries vs. Bangs!

It's giving Human Resources a run for their money vs. an ameezing new look! 2016.07.20

A Rich Dick Gets One Last Outing In Kroll Show's Series Finale

And Wendy's 'bris mitzvah' is bound to be a lot of farn. 2015.03.24S03.E11

Mikey's Back On Wheels, Ontario, And He's Got A Crutch

When a post-gunshot Mikey returns to school, Tunes suspects he's not using his heavily subsidized prescription drugs as the Queen intended. Will she step in and take appropriately moderate Canadian measures? 2015.01.13S03.E01

Wheels Ontario Gets Its Canadian Pastry Treats BADLY WRONG

This is an approximation of the face Tara made when this shocking inaccuracy made it to air! 2014.03.18S02.E10

Battle Of The Men's Rights Activists

Did Kroll Show or Saturday Night Live do a better job portraying men's true struggle in society today? 2014.03.11

Kroll Show's Pawnsylvania Celebrates One Of America's Most Distinctive Accents

That's a polite way for Tara to say she finds Pittsburgh and Philly accents fascinatingly awful. 2014.03.04S02.E08

Liz And Liz Get The Assistant They Deserve

Meet Brenth! Don't get too attached. 2014.02.25S02.E07

Battle Of The Man-Whoring 'Reality' Shows

How does Kroll Show's 'Gigolo House' stack up against Showtime's Gigolos? 2014.02.19S02.E06

Wheels Ontario Knows How To Make Canadians More Canadian: Send Them To 'The States'

How Canadian is Mike and Tunes's visit to a 'college' in Michigan? 2014.02.05S02.E04

Kroll Show Returns To Wheels Ontario

And it's more Canadian than ever! 2014.01.22S02.E02

Make Kroll Show Your New Sketch Obsession

How else are you going to learn all about Gigolo House? 2014.01.14S02.E01

Could Comedy Central's Sketch Shows Threaten Saturday Night Live?

It sounds crazy but JUST LISTEN FOR A SECOND. 2013.09.19S03.E01

Nick Kroll's Characters: Looking Back On The Best

Hooray, Young Billy Joel! (Sorry, C-Czar.) 2013.03.07S01.E08

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