Knight Rider

EHG Mini: The TV Cabinet

Staffing up an imaginary U.S. presidential administration with appropriate TV characters. 2016.12.30

EHG Mini: The 80s Are Radical Again

Inspired by Stranger Things, we revisit/reboot '80s TV. 2016.09.01

What's Missing From Your Next Binge-Watch? TV-Inspired Cocktail Recipes!

Our contributors have recipes for drinks to class up your next viewing party! 2016.08.19

The A-Team Faces Knight Rider In The Battle Of The Episode Titles Borrowed From A Spencer Tracy Movie From 1955

Which early-'80s NBC action show did a better job referencing Bad Day At Black Rock? And...WHY? 2016.08.08

Eleven And A Half Minutes Of Knight Rider Outtakes

Narrated even more bitchily than usual by KITT. Yeah, I don't know. 2016.05.20

Watch A Knight Rider Turbo-Boost Supercut

A partial, and delightful, look back at the many times the Hoff had to simulate rapid acceleration. AmberVisiontastic! 2016.01.07

Daredevil Toys, Shirts With Punch, And Agents Of DRINKS: Gifts For Superhero-Show Fans

Plus, underpants, SPOOOOOOON!, and the worst board game in TV history. 2015.12.09

Watch 'Let It Go' Sung By '80s TV Dialogue

Video editor Jim Cliff teams with MacGyver, ALF, and others for a new take on the Frozen hit. 2014.07.21

EHG 37: The Most Bad-Ass Podcast You're Going To Hear All Week! [Explosion.]

Omar Gallaga returns for our Bad-Ass Week discussion of great TV bad-asses! 2014.07.08

Battle Of The Cars-As-Protagonists

If you liked Knight Rider, you'll love its short-lived knockoff, Viper. (Actually, you won't, but Nick Rheinwald-Jones compared them anyway.) 2014.07.07

EHG Mini: Important TV Wristwatches

All about the notable arm clocks of the idiot box. 2014.06.16

EHG Mini: Syndicated Shows Wish List

From vintage MTV to Noth-era Law & Order to Chris in the Morning, the shows we wish would show up in regular syndication blocks. And Dave has a programming suggestion for Nick At Nite. 2013.09.30

Eighties Shows As Digital Comics

Key shows of the '80s get the digital-comic treatment. 2013.07.03

Other Knight Rider License Plates Guaranteed To Fool No One

When your plate flips from KNIGHT to KNI 667 maybe you're not as good at avoiding detection as you thought. 2013.06.26

Bizarre Hoff Triangle

Program those top-loader VCRs for a Hoff Family Musical Revue! 2013.05.13S02.E23

'How Long You Known My Wife?'

Michael kills a guy. Nobly, of course. 2013.04.30S01.E22

For Computer-Lovers Everywhere

KITT gets hacked. 2013.04.08S04.E13


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