Key & Peele: S05

Find Out What Snitches Actually Get In A Preview Of This Week's Key & Peele

Sometimes it's stitches...but sometimes it's pizza! 2015.08.25S05.E08

Key & Peele Imagines A World Where Teachers And Pro Athletes Have Traded Places

That Ruby Ruhf trading card is only going up in value! 2015.07.28S05.E04

Key & Peele Faces The Kids In The Hall In The Battle Of The Menstruation-Minded Men

Which sketch is more effective in addressing the matter of periods from a male perspective? 2015.07.13S05.E02

Let Key & Peele Teach You How To Handle Terries On A Plane

No? We'll take that as a yes. 2015.07.10S05.E01


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