Doubling Our Fun With Counterpart

We're actually doubling both our fun AND our guests, as Eve Batey and Tim Ehhalt join us to talk about the new Starz drama! 2018.01.17

EHG 163: Shooting The Shit On The Game Of Thrones Poomiere

Alan Sepinwall returns to talk table-setting premieres, our pick for the last ruler standing, Justified, and special guest stars! 2017.07.19

EHG Mini: Splish Splash

TV characters we'd like to bathe with... 2017.03.01

Mary's Beret vs. 'You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive'

It's an iconic hat-toss vs. the perfect season ending song...for every season!! 2017.02.19

EHG 130: The Extra Hot Great Fall 2016 Preview

It's the pumpkin-spice latte of autumnal programming overviews! ...Unless you hate those. Eve Batey's back to look at the best, worst, and meh-est of new and returning shows. 2016.09.20

The Kwanzaa Cake vs. The Cowboy Hat Of One Raylan Givens

It's Sandra Lee's grossest concoction vs. Justified's most iconic headgear! 2016.06.15

EHG Mini: Genre Centre

We choose shows for the different-genre treatment, a la Felicity's Twilight Zone-isode. 2016.06.13

EHG Mini: Beach House Vacation

The TV characters we'd match up in a summer share. 2016.05.26

EHG Mini: Tandem Skydiving

The characters we'd want to strap ourselves to to jump out of planes. 2016.02.19

Stair Car vs. Limehouse's Piggy Bank

It's transportation for a broke family vs. Harlan's safest banking opportunity! 2015.10.28

What If The Emmys Started Honoring Joint Performances?

John Ramos knows that for some shows, it takes two to make a thing go right: why shouldn't the Emmys? 2015.07.13

'The Justified Rule Was, Unless You See Them Being Zipped Up In A Body Bag, They Could Be Alive'

Chatting about the final season of Justified with series creator Graham Yost. 2015.06.08

"Next One's Comin' Faster." vs. Magnum Goes to Heaven

It's a Raylan Givens badass moment vs. a P.I. in paradise! 2015.05.11

"Next One's Comin' Faster." vs. "The Flight? No, Our Series!"

It's a Raylan Givens badass moment vs. a fourth wall-busting series ending! 2015.05.10

"Next One's Comin' Faster." vs. Detox's Tolerance Level

It's a Raylan Givens badass moment vs. the time a drag queen thought you've crossed the line! 2015.05.09

"Next One's Comin' Faster." vs. Hot 'N' Foamy Niles

It's a Raylan Givens badass moment vs. an explosive Frasier moment! 2015.05.08

Gene Gene The Dancing Machine vs. "Next One's Comin' Faster."

It's The Gong Show's artist-in-residence vs. a Raylan Givens badass moment! 2015.05.07

EHG 67: Orphan Black Marks

EHG returns from a tech meltdown with clones, superheroes, and Jeff Alexander, who is one of those things! 2015.04.22

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14S06.E13

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