Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Postcards From The Fairyland Board Of Tourism

Fairyland, or 'The Kingdom of Lost Hope,' hopes you'll consider it for your next vacation or descent into madness. Won't you take a free postcard? 2015.07.11S01.E05

I Am The King's Harpsichord

Every crazy royal needs an affectation. And what could be better than a slightly out-of-tune harpsichord? 2015.07.04S01.E04

Ask An Understaffed Magic School

We're not Hogwarts, but we try harder. And we're here to help. 2015.06.27S01.E03

Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell Face Off In A War Of Magic...For The War

Ranking the magic tricks of Episode 2, from coolest to lamest. 2015.06.20S01.E02

Should You Let Yourself Be Enchanted By Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell?

19th century magicians take center stage in BBC America's new literary adaptation. Will it put a spell on you? 2015.06.12S01.E01


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