Jimmy Kimmel Live

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Respond To The Reactions About His Monologue About His Newborn Son's Heart Surgery

'I would like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive, it was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.' 2017.05.09

EHG 138: Filling Our Plates With Top Chef

We invited Jeff Drake to sharpen his knives for his latest visit! 2016.12.13

Watch Billy Eichner Tell Jimmy Kimmel Live About Season 5 Of Billy On The Street

Jimmy Kimmel's not actually invited to Billy On The Street, so this is nice for him. 2016.11.15

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Crush The Spirits Of Children (Yet Again) Post-Halloween On Jimmy Kimmel Live

This is the sixth year that he's disappointed the youth of America. 2016.11.02

Watch Gordon Ramsay Rage Over Halloween Goodies On Jimmy Kimmel Live

But what do you really think of candy corn, Chef Ramsay? 2016.10.26

Watch President Obama Chat About Mean Tweets And Trump On Jimmy Kimmel Live

And then he probably treated Jimmy Kimmel to a beer, since he's incredible. 2016.10.25

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hire Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange On Jimmy Kimmel Live

He shows up late, so obviously Kimmel's first impression isn't totally wonderful. 2016.10.21

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Gather A Group Of Kids To Discuss Politics On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Thanks to these kids, we now know what vegetables Trump and Clinton resemble! 2016.10.20

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Get A Tour Of Springfield On Jimmy Kimmel Live

And it all started because Homer thought his monologue was too boring. 2016.10.14

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's First 100 Days As VP On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Vice President Kimmel already has big, boozy plans for March. 2016.10.13

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Talk To The Legendary Ken Bone On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy chats with America's brand new hero. Thank heavens that hero has a sense of humor. 2016.10.11

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Play 'Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts' With James Corden On The Late Late Show

What better way to celebrate the meeting of two late night hosts than with chicken feet and a fish smoothie? 2016.09.16S02.E68

Watch Sully Play The Title Character In Tom Hanks's Biopic On Jimmy Kimmel Live

And Peter Scolari shows off his Emmy-nominated form! 2016.09.09

Watch A New (Joke) Promo For The Bachelor On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Nick Viall hasn't found love on television the last three times he tried, so maybe Kimmel's hunch as to why is correct. 2016.09.01S14.E171

Watch Ben Stein Reunite With Jimmy Kimmel On Jimmy Kimmel Live

The two ex-coworkers still send each other a late night email on occasion, aw. 2016.08.31S14.E170

Watch Future Jimmy Kimmel Sell You On 'Death Alert' On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Unlike those other death-related bracelets, this one promises no false positives. 2016.08.25S14.E167

Watch Hillary Clinton Read Trump Quotes (With A Straight Face) On Jimmy Kimmel Live

One of them was so gross that Hillary couldn't even find the will to recite it out loud. 2016.08.23S14.E165

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