iZombie's Second Season Gets Even Darker

Someone's listening in on your favorite undead detective. 2015.10.06S02.E01

No Sleep 'Til Falco

iZombie wraps up its first season with an impressively high body count. 2015.06.10S01.E13

EHG 73: Brain, Fried

Eve Batey returns to lend her big brain to a discussion about iZombie! 2015.06.09

We've Got Spirit (What, What?)

Liv's up, down, and all around after a combo of stoner and cheerleader brains. 2015.06.03S01.E12

Seeing Isn't Always Believing

When Liv eats a mentally ill guy's brain, she becomes the most unreliable of narrators. 2015.05.27S01.E11

EHG Mini: Weird Questions Lightning Round II

Antlers, amputations, Probst's successor, and low-gravity game shows! 2015.05.25

Max Ragergate

Liv's drunk, miserable, and looking for Deep Throat. 2015.05.20S01.E10

EHG Mini: Frankenshow

Stitching together the next pretty good drama. 2015.05.20

EHG 69: In For A Penny

Matt Debenham makes his début to talk about Showtime's monster mash, Penny Dreadful! 2015.05.14


Will Liv's snack of sniper be enough to bring down a Cobain-obsessed baddie? 2015.05.13S01.E09

Talk Therapy

When Liv chows down on a sexpert, she realizes she knows less than ever. 2015.05.06S01.E08

How I Ate Your Mother

When Liv snacks on a sister wife, she gets the baby blues. 2015.04.29S01.E07

Deliver Us From Evil

Who wants takeout? 2015.04.22S01.E06

Love And Human Remains

Has Liv found a man whose heart beats in time with hers? 2015.04.15S01.E05

Deep Undercover

Liv sees Clive's past, and it's not that pretty. 2015.04.07S01.E04

EHG Mini: Early Nominations For Best Performance By An Inanimate Object

TV things that perform better than some TV people. 2015.04.02

You Don't Look So Good

Liv unexpectedly meets an old friend who's MAYBE seen better days. 2015.03.31S01.E03

'Missed You At The Zombie Social Last Night!'

David Anders sinks his teeth into iZombie. 2015.03.24S01.E02

EHG Mini: Monster Mash

Fantasy pairings of showrunners and beasts. 2015.03.18

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