Taking Notes On A.P. Bio

Monty Ashley returns to discuss NBC's new bad teacher-com! 2018.02.07

Plan Beatriz

How Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie can change other shows. 2017.12.07

Drinking Bug Juice With Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Adam Sternbergh returns to talk about the latest extension of the WHAS universe! 2017.08.09

'No' Is The Most Loving Thing To Say To Todd On Intervention

A meth addict is going to the dogs (but won't feed them). 2017.01.24S16.E07

Diana's 'Turned Out To Be This Disheveled Person' On Intervention

She's addicted to vodka; her parents are addicted to controlling her. 2017.01.18S16.E06

Jasmine's Going Through A Rough (Fentanyl) Patch On Intervention

Will her grandfather's illness motivate her to get better? 2017.01.04S16.E05

Now All Sturgill's Thinking About Is More On Intervention

This former star athlete is now lettering in just about every addictive substance. Can he wrestle his demons into submission? 2016.12.21S16.E04

EHG 139: Who's The King Of The Man In The High Castle?

Our esteemed colleague and historian Chris Huff weighs in on Amazon's alt-history dystopia, a classic '80s Very Special Episode, and more! 2016.12.20

The Rubber Hits The Road For Kristie On Intervention

She's self-treating her OCD with tallboys and duster. Is she headed for a crash? 2016.12.14S16.E03

Sleeping Becomes Dangerous On Intervention

Tiffany's difficult childbirths and postpartum depressions put her in a tailspin, and her co-dependent husband isn't helping pull her out. ...Weeeeeslehhhh. 2016.12.06S16.E02

Intervention Can't Go Back, So Get Over It

Candy Finnigan pours some T over the head of Katie's self-absorbed mom, but can that -- or anything else -- get Katie into treatment? 2016.11.29S16.E01

How Much Longer Before It's Lights Out For Brittany On Intervention?

Brittany's drowning in heroin and family history. Will she get in the show's life raft? 2016.08.07S15.E13

Rob's Selling Family Property -- And Close To Buying The Farm -- On Intervention

Can a small-town real-estate heir start over one more time before it's too late? 2016.07.31S15.E12

Can Jonel Act Her Age On Intervention?

Years of suboxone and hopelessness have put a decade on the 23-year-old's face. Can she turn back the clock? 2016.07.24S15.E11

EHG 123: Rebooting Mr. Robot

John Ramos returns to talk about the Season 2 premiere of USA's hacker drama! 2016.07.19

Intervention Tries To Save The Life Of Brian

A funeral director isn't dealing with the death of his marriage and dreams. 2016.07.17S15.E10

Intervention Is A Wreck

Her manicure's just about the only thing working in Alicia's life. Is she headed for a crash? 2016.07.10S15.E09

'Living In A Haunted Situation' On Intervention

Paranormal investigator Daniel M. battles demons literal and figurative. 2016.06.26S15.E08

EHG 120: Paying The Piper With Orange Is The New Black

Monty Ashley returns for a discussion of the prison dramedy's fourth season, plus Bob's Burgers and a critical Game Time! 2016.06.21

Intervention Should Probably Kick Rocks

The only thing midseason-premiere subject Ginjer (...we know) likes more than swearing is Dilaudid. 2016.06.19S15.E07

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