In Search Of…

Looking For Signs Of Life On In Search Of

The Zachary Quinto reboot of the '70s Sunday-afternoon mainstay, plus Frasier for the Canon and a familial Game Time! 2018.07.18

The Blotter Presents 008: Casting JonBenét And Unsolved Mysteries

Kevin Smokler and Sarah D. Bunting talk about a not-so-hot take on Boulder's most notorious cold case, plus the granddaddy of TV true crime. 2017.05.10

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary Crackpots Its Last

Aliens, lobotomies, and a skull named Starchild send the ISO MD on its way. 2016.04.20

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary Is The Devil You Know

The boring, histrionic, hamfistedly edited devil and his craptastic James Doohan imitation. #freePileggi 2016.04.13

EHG 112: THIS...Was American Idol (And Some Other Stuff)

Stephanie Cangro is back to talk former juggernauts and vintage slapstick. 2016.04.12

'Has Anyone Seen The Remote? This In Search Of Season Is Awful.' - Nosferatu.

'Agreed.' - everyone else. Sea serpents, death rays, and unbelievably smurfy try-hards make Sarah D. Bunting long for the sweet sleep of the grave in the latest Marathon Diary. 2016.04.07

The In Search Of Marathon Diary Celebrates The Circle Of Life

And if you are 'in search of' the very embodiment of the term 'budge,' look no further than Season 7. 2016.03.23

Anyone In Search Of A Jericho Diorama Made Of Necco Wafers?

Good news (as it were)! The Marathon Diary found one! Also, the flariest lens flared that ever flared. 2016.03.16

Get Out Your Aura Goggles; It's Time For Another In Search Of... Marathon Diary!

Plus Jesus' That Girl flip, creationism, and the beautiful marriage of the Casio and cocaine. 2016.03.09

EHG 108: Is House Of Cards A Good Play?

Kim Reed is back to talk fictional presidents, Survivor, and Seth Meyers! 2016.03.08

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary Returns To Where It All Began

The Nostradamus episode fails to age well, plus raising the Titanic, futurism, and spirit voices. 2016.03.02

Too Bad In Search Of... Couldn't Make This Cape Disappear

Or murder it in the Tower of London. The Marathon Diary on Richard III, Montezuma, Houdini, and more! 2016.02.23

'One Of The Most Disgusting Specimens Of Humanity'

And In Search Of... isn't even referring to Jim Jones, as the Marathon Diary visits Jonestown, the Surratt Tavern, and Solomon's mines. 2016.02.16

...And His Cat, Venkman

Ghost photography, prisoners of war, and legendary outlaws in the In Search Of... Marathon Diary! (Note: cat's name is not Venkman.) 2016.02.01

'Oh, The Humanity'

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary closes out Season 5 with wrecks real and figurative. 2016.01.26

'Running, Conniving, Debauching'

'...The Sarah D. Bunting Story.' But seriously, folks: the In Search Of... Marathon Diary returns with great lovers, Marilyn, and the Holy Grail. 2016.01.19

'Just Bliss Out, And Fantasize A Lot, And Wear Rainbows'

Masshole Wiccans, terra cotta warriors, and other In Search Of... finds. 2016.01.11

'A Smorgasbord Of Death'

The In Search Of Marathon Diary kicks off the new year with a trip to the gym, plus quackery, Carl Reiner, and the Teamsters! 2016.01.04

Between The Moon And New York City

In Search Of... on volcanoes, werewolves, and the Lindbergh kidnapping. 2015.10.01

The Re-Enacted Cut Is The Deepest

In Search Of... on aliens (sigh), the power of prayer (why not), and good vs. Evel. 2015.09.24

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