I Wanna Marry “Harry”

I Wanna Marry Harry Gaslighted Contestants; Greenlight Shines On

Lunch And A Show bows before reality royalty, real and imagined. 2015.08.18

Big Harry Deal

Matt Hicks picks a winner. Find out if she picked him back in Sarah's final I Wanna Marry "Harry" Rankled. 2014.07.07S01.E08

A Rose By Any Other Name

Matt manages not to drown in a Kelley tongue-bath, but other perils await. 2014.06.30S01.E07

Jackie No

Matt boots two prospective princesses; Sarah wonders why the "she's nice to you but mean to us other girls" maneuver never backfires. 2014.06.23S01.E06

EHG 34: Never Poop In Westeros

Our Game Of Thrones correspondents Jeff Drake and Nick Rheinwald-Jones return to Extra Hot Great to discuss the finale. Here be monsters! (Sort of.) 2014.06.17

A Meghan Is Worth A Thousand Words

FOX sacked I Wanna Marry "Harry"; Sarah's not letting the sun set on THIS British empire. 2014.06.16S01.E05

Where There's A Wills

There's...still no way it's Harry, really, but Photoshop and champagne make believers of almost all the Harriets this week. 2014.06.10S01.E04

Twerkish Delight

Figurative and literal ass-showing precedes another girl's ouster, and Sarah says 'ham salad' a few times. 2014.06.03

The Red Scare

Too much vino at dinner sends one would-be princess tumbling down the rankings. 2014.05.27S01.E02

Royal Pain

Sarah is anthropologically fascinated by FOX's one-trick Bachelor/Joe Millionaire hybrid...and the women who got suckered into appearing in it. 2014.05.20S01.E01


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