I Am Cait

Making Out And Civil Disobedience On The I Am Cait Finale

Nothing says 'end of the season' like telling off transphobic assholes...nicely. 2016.04.25S02.E08

On I Am Cait, Kris And Scott Are Here To Home Improvement Your Christmas

The road trip may be over, but the horror has just begun. 2016.04.18S02.E07

I Am Cait Gets Kris-ed In The Big Easy

There's nothing in this world that can stop Kris Jenner from invading your space and asking about your genitals. 2016.04.10S02.E06

On I Am Cait, Scott Disick Rears His (Uncomfortably) Attractive Head

Scott shows up to bond with Cait and toy with our emotions 2016.04.04S02.E05

On I Am Cait, Even Our Heroine Gets Starstruck By Hillary Clinton

And not even a stop at a Democratic debate in Des Moines can start the yelling up again...at least for now. 2016.03.27S02.E04

Dating Is A Cock-Up On I Am Cait

No one yells at each other, though! 2016.03.21S02.E03

EHG Mini: Losing An Hour

Proposing a new Spring Forward tradition. 2016.03.16

'Passionate' Is A Lot Like 'Kill Me Now' On I Am Cait

The road trip gets uncomfortable as Cait's politics make everyone literally flee the room. 2016.03.14S02.E02

I Am Cait Has A Mutiny On The Highway

Lalalalalalalala Cait isn't listening to you! 2016.03.07S02.E01

Watch A Trailer For Season 2 Of I Am Cait

And stock up snacks because the road trips are back! 2016.01.15

Dance Like You're Not On TV, Sing Like Boy George Isn't Standing Behind You

A review of all the times Cait was wrong, a Jenner selfie, and more on the season finale of I Am Cait. 2015.09.14S01.E08

Watch An Emotional Preview From Kris And Caitlyn's Confrontation In The I Am Cait Finale

What divorced couple hasn't fought about what one said about the other in a Vanity Fair cover story? 2015.09.10S01.E08

Agony, Thy Name Is (Kris) Jenner

Kris is like the elephant who's barely even in the room in the season's penultimate I Am Cait. 2015.09.07

The (Just Kidding, No One Is Actually) Dating Game

About 37 things happened this week and yet, also...nothing? 2015.08.31S01.E06

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) (Scott Disick)

Chanel means it, dude. Cait, Candis, and Kourtney's ex raise this week's Tinder Questions about I Am Cait. 2015.08.24S01.E05

Battle Of The Middle-Aged Trans Parents

Suddenly, television is full of trans parents. It's fantastic! But which parent is the best ambassador for a family structure that is brand-new to most viewers? 2015.08.21

Group Texts Will Save Us All

It doesn't matter what the problem is, just text a Kardashian! 2015.08.17S01.E04

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