EHG Mini: Fantastic Cartoons

Making fanciful kids' cartoons from current shows. 2017.03.09

Humans And Synths Sort Out Their Alliances

Let's rank where some of the show's key relationships stand, three episodes into the season. 2017.02.27S02.E03

Which Path Will Hester Take On Humans?

Here's a hint: if your blood's red, you might want to stay out of her way. 2017.02.20S02.E02

EHG 145: Joining The Fight With The Walking Dead

Omar Gallaga returns to talk about the midseason premiere! 2017.02.15

Which New Face On Humans Makes The Best First Impression?

As the story moves in a new direction, we get some new faces. Who's coming off best one episode in? 2017.02.13S02.E01

EHG Mini: The Sum Of Their Parts

And the Emmy for Best Performance By A Body Part In A TV Series goes to... 2016.12.22

Watch A Teaser For Season 2 Of Humans

You've heard of 'em. 2016.11.15

EHG 118: UnREAL-ity Television

As everyone's favorite dark Bachelor satire returns, so does guest John Ramos for all the money, dick, and power you can shake a walkie at! 2016.06.07

EHG 114: Blindly Watching Game Of Thrones

Old gods Nick Rheinwald-Jones and Jeff Drake join the panel to talk the Season 6 premiere, 30 Rock, and Game Tome! 2016.04.26

EHG Mini: Exclamation Point

Claire asked us to improve a show's title by adding exclamation points. Lots of 'em. 2016.01.18

EHG 83: Humans: Heard Of 'Em?

John Ramos joins us as we look back on the first season of our #1 show of the summer! 2015.08.18

What It Means To Be Humans, And Inhuman

Synths, Hannibal (heard of 'im), and more in Lunch And A Show. 2015.08.17

Humanity Gets Defined Again In The Humans Season Finale

An exhilarating season closes with a lot of questions. 2015.08.16S01.E08

Does Humans's Joe Really Deserve To Have Anyone As A Champion, Never Mind Mia?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the season's penultimate episode. 2015.08.09S01.E07

EHG 81: Let's Give Summer TV A Hand!

Mark Blankenship joins us to talk about the very best of TV this summer! 2015.08.04

One Of The Biggest Battles On Humans Is Being Waged Inside A Single Synth

Anita and Mia come into their/her own. 2015.08.02S01.E06

EHG 80: A Fine Kettle Of Catfish

Kim Reed returns to discuss Nev, Max, Ma, Pa, and the Dillon Panthers. 2015.07.28

Humans Shows Why You Never Dip Your Pen In Silicone Ink

Joe learns a hard lesson about honouring your marriage vows even if a very attractive fembot moves into your house. 2015.07.26S01.E05

On Humans, Anita Finds A Reluctant Ally In Laura

And at this point, she really needs one. 2015.07.19S01.E04

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