How I Met Your Mother

EHG 137: Going All In On The Family With This Is Us

Al Lowe returns to discuss NBC's breakout drama, plus a new Fatal Vision, Nonac philosophy, and more! 2016.12.06

TV's 20 Hall Of Fame Halloween Costumes: The Supercut!

84 TV shows. 165 clips. ...20 costumes? 2016.10.27

Watch A Supercut Of 50 TV Trick Or Treats!

Get your pillowcase ready: we're about to fill it with a whole bunch of TV's candy beggars! 2016.10.25

Matthew Cuthbert's Death vs. Robin Screaming At Patrice

It's Green Gables meets the pearly gates vs. savage abuse of a sweet yet irritating colleague! 2016.10.11

Everyone On Buffy Dies vs. Barney And Robin's Cleveland Wedding Dance

It's an alternate-universe bloodbath vs. a Deee-Liteful 90-second jam! 2016.10.03

All Is Lost: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2005 Fall TV Preview

The broadcast TV networks adjust to the shifting nature of television by promising well-thought-out resolutions of Lost's many mysteries. Any of you ever feel cheated? 2016.09.14

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Takes On Some Of TV’s Favorite Bars

Running a (fictional) bar is not just a business -- it’s a science. Jessica Liese imagines what he might have to say about watering holes on scripted TV shows. 2016.08.17

Wait -- Was It Just The Whiskey That Made How I Met Your Mother's Robin Seem Cool?

Maybe the Scotch represents everything Robin really is. Or, maybe it's just everything that Robin wishes she could be. 2016.08.16

Limber Up Your Fingers: It's The All-TV-Shows 'Live Long And Prosper' Supercut!

Spock would be so proud, if pride were an emotion he were capable of feeling. 2016.07.26

Slap Bet vs. The Walker, Texas Ranger Lever

It's the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson vs. instant Norris! 2016.02.06

Slap Bet vs. Sydney Bristow's Many Wigs

It's the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson vs. the art of disguise! 2016.02.05

Slap Bet vs. Deadwood's Proxy Fight

It's the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson vs. keeping an eye out for Hearst's henchman! 2016.02.04

MacArthur Park vs. Slap Bet

It's a Big Bird disco number vs. the ongoing torment of Barney Stinson! 2016.02.03

Brenda Shirts, General Hospital Games, And Crying Dawson Pins: Gifts For Soap/Romance-Show Fans

Don't forget to right a fang-you note for those Barnabas Collins teeth! 2015.12.10

Multiple Techniques vs. Swarley

It's Tasha Yar's sex droid vs. Barney's misspelled name! 2015.11.14

EHG 26: Ah, Peanut Butter! We're In A Jam Now!

Who better to talk zombies and farts than first-time guest Omar Gallaga? 2014.03.31

How I Met Your Mother's Truthful TV Title Card

Another title card from a more honest place. 2014.03.27

How I Ruined An Episode By Not Connecting The Narrative Dots Well Enough Before Meeting Your Mother

How Mother-y was the (for real this time) wedding of Robin and Barney? 2014.03.25S09.E21

How I Didn't Terrify Your Mother Into Not Kissing Me On Our First Date

How Mother-y was a strange combination of flash-forward and future nostalgia leading right up to the final episodes? 2014.03.18S09.E20

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