Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. House Karaoke

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. House, Chase and Foreman singing Midnight Train To Georgia! 2017.04.25

Henry Blake's Death vs. Cutthroat Bitch

It's a shocking on-camera death vs. the doctor who even intimidated House! 2016.09.05

The Riker Maneuver vs. House And Dave Matthews Don't Like Mondays

It's Number One being a weirdo vs. savant piano playing and hand-claps! 2015.09.05

Where There's Smoke, There's Michael Weston

It's not his fault -- but he keeps showing up at the same time as annoying plotlines and character beats, so he's a Dealbreaker. 2014.06.26

EHG Mini: Accent Cops

Captain Tara Ariano, Accent Cop deputizes the gang to arrest TV's most horrendous accents. 2014.06.23

EHG Mini: Running Gags

The goofy ongoing "jokes" we hate, on shows we otherwise enjoy. 2014.06.20

America's Most American Americans

Picking the three most undisputedly American characters in recent television history. 2013.07.02


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