A Million Little Things: This Is (-n't For) Us

Jeb Lund is back to discuss ABC's feels-y Edward Jones commercial slash drama, plus House for the Canon and a sizzling prestige Game Time! 2018.10.03

Prince Blackadder The Punchable vs. House Karaoke

It's 'TEEEEAAAAA!' vs. House, Chase and Foreman singing Midnight Train To Georgia! 2017.04.25

Henry Blake's Death vs. Cutthroat Bitch

It's a shocking on-camera death vs. the doctor who even intimidated House! 2016.09.05

The Riker Maneuver vs. House And Dave Matthews Don't Like Mondays

It's Number One being a weirdo vs. savant piano playing and hand-claps! 2015.09.05

Where There's Smoke, There's Michael Weston

It's not his fault -- but he keeps showing up at the same time as annoying plotlines and character beats, so he's a Dealbreaker. 2014.06.26

EHG Mini: Accent Cops

Captain Tara Ariano, Accent Cop deputizes the gang to arrest TV's most horrendous accents. 2014.06.23

EHG Mini: Running Gags

The goofy ongoing "jokes" we hate, on shows we otherwise enjoy. 2014.06.20

America's Most American Americans

Picking the three most undisputedly American characters in recent television history. 2013.07.02


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