House Of Cards

House Of Cards Season 6 Faces The Nation

Kathryn VanArendonk joins our caucus to vote on the once-bingeable Netflix original's final campaign, plus an OOTLANDAR Canon submission, and more! 2018.11.07

Claire Underwood Is In Charge Now On House Of Cards

As Season 5 comes to a close, it becomes apparent who was running the show all along. 2017.06.06S05.E13

How Much Of A Jazz President Is Frank Underwood On House Of Cards?

And other musical questions from 'Chapter 64'! 2017.06.06S05.E12

The Impeachment Drum Is Banging On House Of Cards

And (almost) everyone's swapping dance partners in S05.E11; Jordan Veilleux ranks the pairs! 2017.06.06S05.E11

Jane Davis Isn't Interested In The Underwoods' House Of Cards

She's playing a different game, and keeping her cards close to the vest. 2017.06.05S05.E10

How Could Anyone Trust Mark Usher When He Wears Those Turtlenecks?

And other questions sparked by 'Chapter 61.' 2017.06.05S05.E09

Who's The Main Man In 'Chapter 60' Of House Of Cards?

A weekend celebrating the XY-chromosomed leads us to ask which man in the show's universe is the manliest man who ever manned. 2017.06.05S05.E08

Did We Just Meet The Person Who's Actually In Charge On House Of Cards?

Meet Jane Davis, the woman who can get you your terrorist, so long as you don't give her the wrong headache medicine. 2017.06.02S05.E07

Thanks To Lazy Plotting, House Of Cards Starts To Fold In 'Chapter 58'

Stephanie Cangro ranks the rankest offenses. 2017.06.02S05.E06

Is House Of Cards Forecasting The Beginning Of The End For The First Couple?

When Claire has a chance to gain her own place in the White House, without Frank, will she jump at the chance? 2017.06.01

Has House Of Cards Shown Us Everything In Its Bag Of Tricks?

Or will an election and some new characters spice up this slow season? 2017.06.01S05.E04

It's Time For House Of Cards To Spend Less Time With The Underwoods

Sarah D. Bunting isn't a crackpot. She just thinks the writing has run out of ideas for the First Throuple. 2017.05.31S05.E03

How Do You Prop Up A House Of Cards?

And other uncomfortable questions from 'Chapter 54.' 2017.05.31S05.E02

EHG 157: Should House Of Cards Fold Or Double Down?

Roger Cormier is our guest for a discussion of Netflix's 'bonkers TV' DC drama. 2017.05.31

Is The Season Premiere Telling Us The Fifth Season Of House Of Cards Will Be Its Last?

On the moment that foreshadows the beginning of the end for the Underwoods. 2017.05.30S05.E01

EHG Mini: Bursting Out

Adding a chest-explodey alien to the shows that need one. 2017.05.22

EHG Mini: Snapped Chat

Choosing which scripted-TV wives should kill their husbands and get, 'profiled' on Snapped. 2017.05.12

Watch The Official Trailer For Season 5 Of House Of Cards

The more things change in real life, the more weirdly comforting it is that the Underwoods stay the same. 2017.05.01

Which Emmy Nominations Are The Worst?

In a year of actually pretty decent Emmy nods, your editors debate which of the crappy ones is the crappiest. ...Oh hey Kev. 2016.07.15

EHG Mini: Road Trip!

Moving shows to new locations. 2016.06.22

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