House Of Cards

EHG Mini: Bursting Out

Adding a chest-explodey alien to the shows that need one. 2017.05.22

EHG Mini: Snapped Chat

Choosing which scripted-TV wives should kill their husbands and get, 'profiled' on Snapped. 2017.05.12

Watch The Official Trailer For Season 5 Of House Of Cards

The more things change in real life, the more weirdly comforting it is that the Underwoods stay the same. 2017.05.01

Which Emmy Nominations Are The Worst?

In a year of actually pretty decent Emmy nods, your editors debate which of the crappy ones is the crappiest. ...Oh hey Kev. 2016.07.15

EHG Mini: Road Trip!

Moving shows to new locations. 2016.06.22

EHG Mini: Golden Girls: TNG

The four female characters we'd like to see in Golden Girls-s situations. 2016.04.04

EHG 109: Pledging Allegiance To The Americans

Nick Rheinwald-Jones returns to join us in surveilling the Season 4 premiere of FX's spy drama! 2016.03.15

After A Comeback Season, Did House Of Cards Lower The Ante At The End?

The way Season 4 finishes makes Sarah D. Bunting wonder if the show knows its own strengths. 2016.03.11S04.E13

Will The Underwoods' House Of Cards Collapse Soon?

S04.E12 raises a few not-so-burning questions as it take a few hostages and even more liberties. 2016.03.10S04.E12

Frank's Surprising Move On House Of Cards

S04.E11 writes a new chapter for the Underwood marriage. 2016.03.10S04.E11

With Chapter 49, House Of Cards Finally Overplays Its Hand

Which is more terrifying: a Trump presidency, or the direction the country will probably be headed after the events of S04.E10? 2016.03.09S04.E10

House Of Cards Heads To The Convention Floor

But who will emerge from this episode the clear winner? 2016.03.09S04.E09

In 'Chapter 47,' Season 4 Of House Of Cards Finally Gets Good And Nasty

A few key changes lift an achingly dull Season 4. 2016.03.08S04.E08

Is House Of Cards Trying To Rewrite The History Of Claire And Frank?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by S04.E07. 2016.03.08S04.E07

EHG 108: Is House Of Cards A Good Play?

Kim Reed is back to talk fictional presidents, Survivor, and Seth Meyers! 2016.03.08

In Chapter 45, House Of Cards Goes Organic

A medical issue arises, and we get an exclusive from a key figure. 2016.03.07S04.E06

How Much Of A Nightmare Monster Must Claire Have Been As A Teenager?

And more not-quite-burning questions about S04.E05. 2016.03.07S04.E05

House Of Cards Wades Into The Crowd

And Stephanie Cangro really can't with what happens next. 2016.03.06S04.E04

#FreeLucas: The Fourth Estate Roars Back On House Of Cards

Crusading journalist Lucas Goodwin returns to Frank Underwood's story. He could save the world -- and this show. 2016.03.05S04.E03

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