Houdini & Doyle

EHG Mini: Who & Who

The gang matches up other Houdini & Doyles. 2016.05.19

Surely Not Everyone In 1901 Was A Credulous Boob, Like Houdini & Doyle Wants Us To Think?

This and other burning questions about the behavior of every character on Houdini & Doyle, and how it totally takes the viewer out of the episode's flow. 2016.05.16S01.E03

Adelaide Needs To Escape Her Inevitable Pairing With Houdini

Why the 'will they/won't they?' dynamic on Houdini & Doyle ends up being one of the show's more unbelievable elements. 2016.05.09S01.E02

Should You Lock Yourself In With Houdini & Doyle?

Or does it fail to escape the trappings of the average procedural? 2016.05.02S01.E01


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