Battle Of The D.C.-Based Political-Thriller Casts

House Of Cards and Hostages have a significant casting overlap. Which one uses its cast better? 2014.02.12

The Final Fart Faces Of Hostages

It's been a gas. 2014.01.07S01.E15

The 12 Days Of Hostages Fart Faces

And a faaaaartridge in a pear [fweeee!]. 2013.12.17S01.E13

Hostages Fart Faces Is Pretty Sure That Was You, Bro

Nice try with the cheek sneak, though. 2013.12.10S01.E12

Fart Faces Of Hostages Field Trip

Duncan et al. go on an out-of-town caper. Believe it or not, that town is not Beantown. 2013.12.03S01.E11

The Fart Faces of Hostages Special Edition

With inspirational quotes guaranteed to make you catch your second wind. 2013.11.26S01.E10

Revenge Of Hostages Fart Faces

Ill wind, you're blowin' us no good. 2013.11.19S01.E09

Even More Fart Faces Of Hostages

Or, "The Fart Is A Lonely Hunter" 2013.11.12S01.E08

More Fart Faces of Hostages or The World According To Parp

Kramer wants to drink. Ellen wants Duncan's dad's help. Everyone wants to breathe through their mouths. 2013.11.05S01.E07

Hostages Fart Faces II: The Stench Of Fear

Everyone's nervous, it's down to cannellini in the pantry...the atmosphere is turning ugly. 2013.10.29S01.E06

Something Stinks

The Hostages cast wonders who farted. 2013.10.22S01.E05

Deliberate Strangeness

Does Hostages have a pre-shite checklist? Lameness this thorough isn't accidental. 2013.10.15S01.E04

The President Wants A New Doctor

And Duncan Carlisle is NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Or about getting shot at. 2013.10.08S01.E03

EHG 7: Hooray For Fall TV

Now that most of the season's new shows have premiered, we review the ones we've sampled and discuss which we liked, which we didn't, and which might be gone by the time you get to the end of this sentence. 2013.10.01

Intense Hostage-Taker Is Intense

A master class in the "No, Seriously, I'll Do It" Stare Of Implacability, courtesy of Hostages's Dylan McDermott. 2013.10.01S01.E02

Will Hostages Take YOU Captive?

It's got potential -- and Toni Collette -- but, well, probably not. 2013.09.24S01.E01


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