Homicide: Life On The Street

Getting Our Claws Into Season 2

Jeb Lund is back to discuss who gets clipped (...sorry) in TNT's mani-gangster drama! 2018.06.13

EHG Mini: Procedural Prequel

The early years of our favorite TV cops. 2017.06.30

EHG Mini: Purrtners

Borrowing TV detective pairs' names for adorable kittens. 2017.05.08

EHG Mini: Justice League

Assembling procedural dream teams from all walks of TV. 2016.08.04

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

EHG Mini: Aquarius: The New Class

Giving Hodiak a break and assigning new gumshoes to the Charles Manson case. 2016.06.30

The Homicide Board vs. 'My Whole Brain Is Crying'

It's Baltimore's murder tracking white board vs. the worst idea ever! 2016.02.27

The Homicide Board vs. Naked Grandma

It's Baltimore's murder tracking white board vs. something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house! 2016.02.26

The Homicide Board vs. 'But first...'

It's Baltimore's murder tracking white board vs. Chen-bot's Transition Protocol! 2016.02.25

Brenda Hates You Both vs. The Homicide Board

It's the Summer of Deception revelation vs. Baltimore's murder tracking white board! 2016.02.24

EHG 102: The X-Files Returns, And We Want To Believe

Eve Batey's back to see if the truth is really out there for this reboot -- and that's not the only '90s TV we're discussing! 2016.01.26

EHG Mini: Exclamation Point

Claire asked us to improve a show's title by adding exclamation points. Lots of 'em. 2016.01.18

Richard Belzer Was In A Pat Benatar Video

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of Helen Hunt's Unselective Agent Theater for a pre-Munch musical interlude! 2016.01.12

Methopoly, Sopran-icures, And Joe Kenda, Holiday Ornament: Gifts For The Crime-Show Fan

Lunch And A Show stuffs your stocking (or Better Call Saul tote!) with gift ideas all this week! 2015.12.07

Lunch And A Show: It's Baltimore, Gentlemen

David Simon and deadpan poe-lease. 2015.08.05

Pembleton In The Box vs. Lorelai's Graduation

It's Homicide's legendary interrogator vs. a perfect parent moment! 2015.08.05

Pembleton In The Box vs. Rick Screaming For Carl

It's Homicide's legendary interrogator vs. CAAAAAAARL!! 2015.08.04

Pembleton In The Box vs. Michael Screaming For Walt

It's Homicide's legendary interrogator vs. Lost father desperately seeking son! 2015.08.03

Carter and Lucy Get Stabbed vs. Pembleton In The Box

It's a terrifying ER cliffhanger vs. Homicide's legendary interrogator! 2015.08.02

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