Hollywood Game Night: S01


Everyone, including the 'civilians,' fights to be the worst at games in the actually infuriating season finale of Hollywood Game Night. 2013.08.30S01.E08

Watching Ellie

How the latest Hollywood Game Night gave this commentator new respect for the laser-focused party game player Ellie Kemper. (And more, but a lot of that.) 2013.08.23S01.E07

Is Jason Alexander's Terrible New Hair Really A Tactic To Distract The Other Players?

Because all through the latest Hollywood Game Night, it's ALL WE COULD SEE. 2013.08.09S01.E05

BREAKING: Stacy Keibler Cheats!

On a party game. Oh, what did you think we meant? 2013.08.02S01.E04

Amy Poehler Efficiently Shorthands Billy Joel's Whole Existence

She doesn't mention all the drunk driving, but otherwise...yep, that about covers it. 2013.07.26S01.E03

Live, From A Couple Of Couches...

Two-thirds of the celebrities on the latest Hollywood Game Night are SNL alumni -- but are any of them good at party games? 2013.07.26S01.E03

The Ladies Show Us What Not To Wear To Hollywood Game Night

Heels?! Idiots. Proper game attire and more are collected in our breakdown of the latest episode. 2013.07.19S01.E02


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