Hollywood Game Night

Show & Yell: Season 3 Ends With A Whimper

So-so players somehow get worse over the course of an hour; Joe and Tara discuss! 2015.09.09S03.E10

Cheryl Burke Fails To Dance Her Way Into America's Hearts In Her Hollywood Game Night Debut

It may seem unfair for a team without a professional dancer to face off against one with a professional dancer in a dancing challenge. Then it's not. 2015.09.02S03.E09

Show & Yell: That Choke Isn't Funny Anymore

So-so players somehow get worse over the course of an hour; Tara and guest commentator Adam Grosswirth discuss! 2015.09.01S03.E09

Paul Scheer Bats 1000 In His Hollywood Game Night Debut

The sketch comic's improv talents drive a fun if...somewhat lopsided episode. 2015.08.26S03.E08

Show & Yell: You Can't Almost Spell 'All-Star' Without 'Paul Scheer'

A new player blows everyone else off stage with his greatness; Joe and Tara discuss! 2015.08.26S03.E08

Dreamy Davids Descend On Hollywood Game Night

David Walton, David Giuntoli, and non-David Scott Wolf fill up the eye candy bowls (sorry) in an especially fun episode. 2015.08.19S03.E07

Show & Yell: Great Scott

Scott Wolf delivers in every game, while most of the ladies get the Moms; Joe and Tara discuss! 2015.08.19S03.E07

Justin Long Goes The Distance On Hollywood Game Night

Long stands out as the best player on a strong team that loses points with this commentator after Kevin Smith...well, you'll see. 2015.08.12S03.E06

Show & Yell: Justin Time

Who is worse: Elisha Cuthbert or Brandon T. Jackson? Joe Reid's and Tara Ariano's answers may surprise you! 2015.08.12S03.E06

Hollywood Game Night Tries Again To Make Us Care About Children's Drawings

It's okay, Gina Rodriguez. The kid who thinks that's Benedict Cumberbatch needs to visit an optometrist like yesterday. 2015.08.05S03.E05

Show & Yell: What Can Brown Do For You?

Yvette Nicole Brown's been banned from her friends' game nights, so thank god this show exists. 2015.08.05S03.E05

Hollywood Game Night Pits O'Leary Against O'Donnell And...Oh, Brother

Pictured: Kevin O'Leary failing after thinking 'I'm in the...?' is any kind of clue. 2015.07.29S03.E04

Show & Yell: Cackling Rosie

The Hollywood Game Night bar really has to start stocking Valium for when a shrieker like Rosie O'Donnell comes by. 2015.07.29S03.E04

Lunch And A Show Dressed To Play

Survey SAYS: vote for your favorite Feud host, hashtag free Woolery, and more. 2015.07.23

Hollywood Game Night Throws Another Battle Of The Sexes

And Cheryl Hines teaches your commentator to be more tolerant of moms. 2015.07.22S03.E03

Show & Yell: Ciara, Take A Siesta

Turtle, you can stay. 2015.07.22S03.E03

Katharine McPhee Isn't A Smashing Success On Hollywood Game Night

But at least Will Arnett hit on her in French? We've collected all the night's high- and lowlights. 2015.07.15S03.E02

Show & Yell: How Did Katharine McPhee Get To The Studio?

And out of her apartment? And into her clothes? 2015.07.15S03.E02

Show & Yell: Ask Jane Lynch About Her Emmy

Which Grammy winner/ex-supermodel couple GOTS to GO? 2015.07.07S03.E01


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