Leisure's Secret Shames

Giving TV characters embarrassing secret hobbies. 2018.04.27

EHG Mini: Okay, Who’s Going To Clean This Up?

Assigning maid duty to the appropriate TV people. 2017.04.18

Hoarders Sings A Possible Swan Song To One Very Special Hoard

The de-hoarding of a sprawling North Carolina mansion proves emotionally wrenching for hoarder and expert alike. 2017.01.23S09.E06

An Emotional Support Skull Is Hard To Part With On Hoarders

The team of experts contends with one of the most daunting, tragic hoards ever. 2017.01.16S09.E05

This Week's Hoarders Is A Real Barn-Burner

The only thing that's going to help some of these people is a good cleansing fire, but even that might not be enough. 2017.01.09S09.E04

On Hoarders, Leza And Linda Don't Have The Heart To Part With Their Junk

A fortune-teller is unable to read auras through all her stuff, but if she could, she'd foresee a few deeply uncomfortable confrontations. 2017.01.02S09.E03

In 'Stanks And Anne,' Hoarders Invites You To Eat Dinner While Sitting In A Garbage Pile

Or if that doesn't float your boat, how about celebrating Christmas year-round because you can't reach your decorations to take them down? 2016.12.19S09.E02

Hoarders Tries To Define The Difference Between A Hoarder And A Collector

And the answer might be, 'When your collection puts you $750,000 in debt and you still won't sell any of it.' 2016.12.19S09.E01

EHG Mini: Go Affleck Yourself

Putting Any Given Wednesday guest Ben Affleck's pottymouth to work on other unscripted series. 2016.07.04

Putting The 'Ho-Ho-Ho' In Hoarders

One hoarder thinks she's Mrs. Claus; the other just wants to give her grandkids a home. 2016.04.03S08.E16

Hoarders Tries To Clear Away The Grief

Can our hoarders learn that stuff won't fill the void loved ones leave behind? 2016.03.27S08.E15

Hoarders Goes To The Dogs (And The Birds, Mice, And Roaches)

What do a SoCal nurse and a gay guy from Georgia have in common? Pets! And hoarding. 2016.03.20S08.E14

Hoarders Has Got It In The Bag

One hoarder has never met a 'reusable' shopper he didn't like; the other must get a sweet discount on American's favorite tote. 2016.03.13S08.E13

Hoarders Makes A Study In Contrasts

One sells tea to make you pee, another stockpiles bottles of urine. Someone get these two together! 2016.03.06S08.E12

These Hoarders Are A Huge Pain In Their Families'...Well, You Know

Kathy and Mira have to clean old wounds as well as cluttered houses. 2016.02.21S08.E10

'Oh, Man -- There's Just So Much Poo!'

Hoarders hopes to help shoplifter Ellen and pet-collector Gloria. 2016.02.14S08.E09

Animal Lovers Need Not Apply

Whenever one hoarder doesn't seem that bad, you know the other one is going to be HORRIBLE. Peggy is the other one this week. 2016.01.31S08.E08

'This Is Possum Poop. This Is Not Normal.'

Preach, Dorothy Breininger. Can Dot, Melva, and the rest of the Hoarders gang dig Dick and Karen out of their respective trash-filled ruts? 2016.01.31S08.E07

Will David, Dorothy, And (Across The Country) Doris Let Hoarders Keep Their Houses From Killing Them?

Hoarders with mobility problems consider cleaning up their wigs, dead rats, and one maggot-filled toilet. (Soup is not a good snack for you to enjoy during this one.) 2016.01.24S08.E06

Can Kevin Free Himself From The Bondage Of Hoarding?

(...Sorry.) As Kevin's sisters make an oogy discovery, Dr. Pfeffer tries to give Ben and Robin's whole family therapy on Hoarders. 2016.01.24S08.E05

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