Heroes Of Cosplay

Yaya And The Stilts

Yaya Han's ambitious costume requires a lot of help and almost destroys the show. Drama! 2014.07.02S01.E12

The Gang's All Here

Practically the entire cast gets crammed into a single convention. The screentime gets spread pretty thin. 2014.06.25S01.E11

Little Shop Of Cosplay

"Feed me" an episode at Wizard World Portland! 2014.06.18S01.E10

Cosplay Is Pain

Sometimes, a costume is so much work that just getting it onstage is a win. 2014.06.11S01.E09

Where's Cosplay?

Waldo's easy to find, but the show sneaks across the border to Ottawa for another standard costume contest. 2014.06.04S01.E08

The Dark Specter Of Cosplay

Heroes of Cosplay is back, and people are dressing up like Pokémon. How could you not be interested? 2014.05.28S01.E07


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