Hell’s Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen Is Other People

Hell's Kitchen crowns its Top Chef...uh, no, something else. 2014.12.18S13.E15

High Steaks

With just six chefs left, Hell's Kitchen brings us some pretty good food, but still terrible restauranting. 2014.12.11S13.E13

Sterling Silver

Hell's Kitchen returns to form. Boring, headache-inducing form. 2014.12.04S13.E12

No Turkey

There are actual cooking and chef skills on Hell's Kitchen. It's baffling. 2014.11.27

Ups And Downs

One of the chefs melts down in the heat of Hell's Kitchen. 2014.11.20S13.E10

Wok This Way

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler stops by Hell's Kitchen. Will there be sweet-and-sour emotion? Will Janie have a gumbo? Will Philip Michaels run out of Aerosmith-related puns in this intro? Yes. 2014.11.13S13.E09

A Dog-Eat-Dog World

Hell's Kitchen: The continuing story of a chef who's gone to the dogs. 2014.11.06S13.E08

Roman Hell-iday

Gordon Ramsay asks his would-be chefs to pull an Italian job, but the end result is a meal you probably should refuse. 2014.10.16S13.E07

Silence Of The Lambs

Baby animals have more sense than the contestants on this week's Hell's Kitchen. 2014.10.08S13.E06

Pizza Party

A pizza station for the kids is the most appealing thing on the utterly boring menu in the latest Hell's Kitchen. 2014.10.02S13.E05

The Wild Brunch

After a promising episode last week, Hell's Kitchen returns to form with lots of unproductive yelling. 2014.09.25S13.E04

Is This Because I'm A Coffee-Rubbed Kobe Steak?

Hell's Kitchen finds its balance between yelling and cooking, and Elisabeth Röhm is there to witness the magic. 2014.09.18S13.E03

Meat Station

Adam comes to the Hell's Kitchen table twelve seasons late, but that seems to be how long it takes to get served anyway. 2014.09.10S13.E01


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