HBO Documentaries

The Trans List: 'You WILL Become Yourself'

HBO's documentary on the journeys of trans Americans is what you expect -- and unexpected too. 2016.12.06

Watch A Trailer For HBO's Documentary The Trans List

And let's hope it can open some minds. 2016.11.16

Is Three Days Of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks A Time You Should Revisit?

The shocking frequency of mass killings may have desensitized you to them; this film will reverse that process. 2016.09.19

Hitchcock/Truffaut: 'Editing Behavior Over Time'

Two legendary directors + one go-to book for film buffs = a classic documentary? Sarah D. Bunting runs the numbers. 2016.08.09

When Should You Let Go Of How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can't Change?

'Before you pass out trying to say the entire cutesy title in a single breath' is our recommendation. 2016.06.27

HBO Doc Suited: 'You Have The Right To Be Handsome'

A bespoke tailor contemplates what it means to fit. 2016.06.21

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres Of The Shoah 'At The Very Limit Of Inhumanity'

A documentary about a difficult documentarian and his difficult masterpiece. 2016.05.02

Will Laurie Anderson's Heart Of A Dog Win YOUR Heart?

Or is the artist's collage of mourning too much? 2016.04.26

Only The Dead See The End Of War: Great Title, Not-So-Great Voice-Over

The perils of journalists trying to go poetic, as unfortunately illustrated by HBO's Iraqi-war doc. 2016.03.29

Is Nora Ephron Doc Everything Is Copy Worth A Close Read?

Her son Jacob Bernstein's look at his mother's life is professionally built and highly personal. Should you leaf through it? 2016.03.22

Should You Wade In After A Girl In The River?

It's the reigning Best Documentary Short at the Oscars. Is that enough? 2016.03.08

Should You Get In Tune With Mavis!?

Or can 85 minutes not quite tell the story of a six-decade career? 2016.03.01

Should You Aspire To Becoming Mike Nichols?

Legendary writer-director Nichols gave his last in-depth interview to friend Jack O'Brien; viewers get to eavesdrop. 2016.02.22

Should You Provide Material Support To Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma?

Director Greg Barker tries to get his arms around a vast collection of issues. 2016.02.09

Is Heroin: Cape Cod, USA Worth Pawning Your iPad For?

Or is watching another heartbreaking docu about addiction not on your list of New Year's resolutions? 2015.12.28

Is Bolshoi Babylon On Point(e)?

Scandals, injuries, and an acid attack embattle the world's most famous ballet. Should you take a front-row seat? 2015.12.21

Should You Get Drawn Into HBO's Doc About New Yorker Cartoonists?

Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Thorough Portrait Of New Yorker Cartoonists draws a line. 2015.12.14

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