Hart Of Dixie

It's Not Because She's A Lesbian

Crickett looks for lady love, Lemon sours on her seafaring adventure, and Zoe stalks Wade. In formal shorts. Drink! 2014.12.16S04.E01

EHG Mini: Closet Raiders

Which show's wardrobes would each of us most like to steal? We discuss with Jessica Morgan of Go Fug Yourself. 2013.12.04

Putting The Heart In Hart Of Dixie

Our commentator generally makes it a point to never agree with Lemon Breeland, but Mayor Lavon Hayes is the bee’s knees. 2013.07.02

Playing Doctor

What a coinky: that's how I felt about Lemon's blouse too! 2013.05.08S02.E22

'By Myself!'

No, Zoe. You can't have George Tucker. Even though you're played by Rachel Bilson. 2013.04.24S02.E20

Hart Of Dixie Redux

Can it elbow its way back onto the season-pass list, bless its heart? 2013.04.10