Grey’s Anatomy

Cristina Leaves Seattle, But Not Before Giving Meredith A Parting Gift

And it's better than one last 'dance it out.' 2014.05.16S10.E24

This NICU Kid Really Has A Lot Of Guts

And if you don't believe that, he will prove it. 2014.05.09S10.E23

No One Who Ever Worked At Seattle Grace Can Ever Be Professional


How Does Grey's Anatomy Do In Its Latest Examination?

Checking back in on Shonda Rhimes's other show on the eve of an original character's departure. 2014.04.25S10.E21

And James Franco As D.B. Cooper

Dave challenged Sarah to expand her D.B. Cooper obsession beyond Mad Men. Sarah accepted. Everyone wins. 2014.04.24

EHG Mini: Homework Shows

Which shows did we watch for way too long because they seemed too Important to quit? 2013.12.05

EHG Mini: Show Anchors

In today's Extra Credit mini we were asked to identify those show anchors that weigh down otherwise enjoyable series. 2013.11.01

EHG 7: Hooray For Fall TV

Now that most of the season's new shows have premiered, we review the ones we've sampled and discuss which we liked, which we didn't, and which might be gone by the time you get to the end of this sentence. 2013.10.01