Grey’s Anatomy

Stuck In The Middle With You, And You, And You

All the doctors get together for an important surgery and an even more important dance party. 2015.05.14S11.E24

You Know What This Show Needs? More Characters!

The new intern class starts working the same day that a tunnel collapses, which is also the day Richard and Catherine are supposed to get married. Amid the madness: Mer finds time for a sandwich. 2015.05.07S11.E23

525,600 Minutes of Derek Flashbacks

Meredith takes the kids and bails on Seattle for a year without telling anyone. In that year, we miss many seasons of love and even more seasons of annoying. 2015.04.30S11.E22

How To Get Away With Murder

St. Derek saved four people's lives after a car accident. AND THEN SOME SPOILERS HAPPENED. 2015.04.24S11.E21

A Lot Of Crash, A Little Bit Of Burn

A plane crash in Seattle sends everyone's PTSD flaring up. Oh, and Derek is still missing. 2015.04.17

Too Many Dicks On The Doc Floor

All it takes is a dude getting his penis cut off to bring everybody together. 2015.04.10S11.E19

50 Ways To Leave Your Liver

Just get shot in an attempted robbery and stroke out on the operating table...Abel? 2015.04.03S11.E18

It's Not the Leech That Sucks Around Here

Derek is back, Meredith's streak is over, Owen acts like a dick, and the dialogue is as repetitive as the storylines. 2015.03.26S11.E17

Don't Remember To Forget Me

The words 'Team MerDer' are uttered, but don't expect any fan service in this episode full of unfinished sex scenes and unanswered questions. 2015.03.19S11.E16

Phoning It In

Yet another earthquake hits the hospital, resulting in broken bones, dying moms, awkward elevator meet-cutes, Owen acting opposite a speakerphone, and other recycled plot contrivances. 2015.03.12S11.E15

Chewing All The Scenery In The (Operating) Theater

Amelia discovers too late that it's easier to brag about a surgery than to perform one. 2015.03.06S11.E14

Oh Amelia, She's Shaking Her Confidence Daily

The other Dr. Shepherd spends most of the episode bragging about a surgery she hasn't done yet, so that should end well. 2015.02.27S11.E13

A Transparent Ripoff

Transparent gets the General Hospital treatment on this very special episode of Grey’s Anatomy. 2015.02.20S11.E12

Going To The Chapel Of Unendurable Sadness

Seattle Grace Mercy Death lives ('dies'?) up to its reputation in this gut-puncher of an episode. 2015.02.13S11.E11

A Tale of Two Tumors

Everyone has tumors on the brain except Geena Davis, who actually has a tumor in her brain. 2015.02.06S11.E10

The Tears Of A Crowd

April, Jackson, Meredith, a patient's husband, and Dr. Geena Davis all have stuff to cry about in this downer of an episode. 2015.01.30S11.E09

Banana Clambake

In which ice cream is a substitute for substance on a show where no one talks to anyone about anything. 2014.11.21S11.E08

Narcotics (Not At All) Anonymous

The Symbolic Patients' daughter totally misses the point of NA and outs Amelia's issues to the entire hospital. 2014.11.14S11.E07

Jackson's Gorgeous Eyes Get the Storyline They Deserve

April's mom finally says what we're all thinking: we hope the baby will look like its father. 2014.11.07S11.E06

I'm So Happy That I Can't Stop Dying

Callie and Arizona try a 30-day trial separation, and their therapist tries my nerves. 2014.10.24S11.E05