Has Graceland Gotten Any More Addictive In Season 2?

Tara gives USA's first 'dark' crime drama another shot. 2014.06.12S02.E01

The Secretly High FBI Agent

Graceland's Charlie is getting through this testimony with a slight handicap. 2013.07.19S01.E05

Now Bello Has Gone Too Far

Yes, the Graceland villain is a sadistic crime lord. But now we know he's done things worse than murder. 2013.07.12S01.E04

Tattoo Nightmare

Graceland's Johnny learns (the hard way) what NOT to do when you're undercover, and covered in henna. 2013.06.28S01.E04

The Complete Graceland House Rules

Obviously, no guns downstairs. But that's not all. 2013.06.07S01.E01


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